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60+ Best Wedding Quotes or Sayings on Cake for Bridal Shower

Posted By Jennie Kakkad

Mar 30, 2020

Bridal shower is a beautiful day to make it a memory etched forever. It is a gift-giving party that is mainly held for the future bride as she takes a new step in life anticipating her wedding with fond memories and desires. The day includes abundance of love, warmth, wishes, and blessings for her where she stands at a new crossroad of life towards an unknown journey.


The day is most painful yet happy for the bride. It is the moment when she is standing at the most difficult crossroad of life where she leaves the family that owns her, the family that rose her, and the family that made her what she is today for her new family, a family that is a stranger to her, a family that she has to take care all through her life now.


The best way to make this day memorable is to start with a cake baked with love. And then a short cute message on the same makes it more meaningful with a special spark of sweetness and love for ‘Her’ special day.  No one actually knows from where this thought of writing messages and wedding quotes on cake ever came into picture but it does hold meaning and value when striving to make any day special and memorable. The cake gets over, party gets over, but the message that stays on the cake stays imprinted on the heart and mind of the bride-to-be.


To inspire you to make someone day’s special; here we have come up with the most interesting and most beautiful short messages, romantic wishes, and best wedding quotes for the bridal shower cake.


Romantic Messages


When we talk about wedding cakes, romance is the most important aspect. It is the igniting spark in a relationship that takes its course all through the journey of wedded relationship. Here are some of the sweet, romantic, and best wedding quotes on cake:


  1. Love is in the Air

  2. One + One = Together Forever

  3. Wind of Love All Around

  4. You & Me = Love to Eternity

  5. Showers of Smiles and Happiness

  6. Let the Bud of Love Bloom to Marriage Happiness

  7. Cherish the Sweetness of Love

  8. Congratulations for a New Start

  9. Fill Your Heart with Moments of Love and Happiness

  10. The Feeling of Love Adorned on the Cake

  11. Love is the Icing on Top of the Cake

  12. Complementing Each Other in the Mist of Love

  13. Hold onto Each Other with Selfless Love

  14. Here is the New Bride

  15. The Pure Love for the Bride to Feel


Best Wishes Messages


A wedding day is empowered with so many wishes and heartfelt warmth for the bride and groom that is leaves a lasting impact on their married life. Here are some of the short and sweet messages to wish the bride during the bridal shower party:


  1. Best Wishes to the Bride and Groom

  2. Initials of Bride + Initials of Groom = Union Made in Heaven

  3. Bride and Groom on Their Way to Honeymoon

  4. Congratulations to the Would Be Mr & Mrs

  5. Wishing You Both Years of Togetherness and Forever Love

  6. Looking Forward to A Blessed Marriage Life

  7. Wedding Surprises Awaiting

  8. Wishes For Lasting Love All Around

  9. Best Wishes for the Future Husband and Wife

  10. The Final Countdown Begins With the Journey of Love

  11. Wishing You A New Journey of Love Responsibilities that is About to Begin

  12. Wishing You Love and Togetherness that Stays Till Eternity

  13. Heartfelt Wishes for the Bride to Be

  14. See the Beauty of the Bride-to-Be

  15. The Aura of the Future Bride

  16. For the Life of Love, Smiles, and Happiness

  17. Love is Awaiting Ahead

  18. Dreams on the Way to Your Wedded Life

  19. Heartfelt Wishes for the Future Mrs

  20. Make a Love Wish and Bond in Love

  21. A Lifetime of Joys, Happiness, and Wedded Bliss for You and Your Partner


Funny Messages


To add special fun and emotion to the wedding shower party, funny messages can make its way to the hearts of many mainly the bride.  Here some funny wedding quotes on cake for bridal shower add to the excitement of the party.


  1. You Still Have the Time to Think Over

  2. She is the Fiancée

  3. Marriage is Like a Cherry on the Cake

  4. Freedom Lost Forever

  5. A Piece of Cherry for the Tasteless Cake

  6. Melting Chocolate for Vanilla Ice Cream

  7. He Gets the Cow, and She Gets a Buffalo


Theme Party Messages


The current trend is all about theme parties and so is the case when it comes to bridal shower party. To make the theme party more memorable, a spark of few sweet words, a short written text, or a saying on wedding cake plays an integral role. Here are some of the message ideas for most popular wedding shower themes:


Beach Theme Bridal Shower Party


  1. Seas of Love Merging with the Ocean of Happiness

  2. Off the Beach, On the Beach – Be Together Today & Ever

  3. Come Together on the Beach and Pledge Love for Each Other

  4. Have a Sunny Moony Wedded Life


Travel Theme Wedding Shower Party


  1. Travel the World Together in Love

  2. Embarking on a New Journey of Love and Togetherness

  3. Let Your Love Rise Beyond the Clouds

  4. Life is a Travel Game that is Sweetest with Your Love


Kitchen Theme Bridal Shower


  1. Taste the Recipe of Love

  2. Baked with Aspirations for the New Home

  3. A Cake Baked with Love for the Bride to Be

  4. Wishing You a Jug Full of Love & Cup Full of Sweetness in Your Marriage Life


Retro Theme Wedding Shower


  1. A Perfect Woman for a Perfect Man

  2. You Both Perfect for Each Other

  3. She Finally Found the Man of Her Life

  4. Wedding Date is Just to Come

  5. Come, Soak in Love

  6. Pledge the Seven Vows of Your Marriage

  7. She Finally Found the Man of Her Life

  8. Wedding Date is Just to Come

  9. Come, Soak in Love

  10. Pledge the Seven Vows of Your Marriage


These are just a few ideas to mention when you planning to organize or conduct a bridal shower party. You can still be more innovative and more poetic when planning to pin down your message on the cake exclusively designed for bridal shower. 

Whenever a day comes for you to conduct the bridal shower party for your sister or your friend, do take a thoughtful initiative to adorn the cakes with these sayings and share your experience. Also, you can share your genuine opinion and feedback on how did you find our sayings for wedding cakes.


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