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The Checklist for Name Changing After the Wedding

Posted By Jennie kakkad

Apr 13, 2020

The value and essence of changing your surname after marriage is certainly magical with the emotion that you perceive in your relationship.

Image Courtsey: Something Turqoise

Marriage is a beautiful relationship that brings two souls so close to each other that even whispers cannot be heard in the silence around.  And this clearly defines the reasons why brides often have to change their surnames after marriage because just a change in name unites the two soul mates from the roots.  The same essence of a wedding relationship is even more beautifully described in someone’s tweet, “I want your surname attached to my name just as the roots of a tree attached to the ground”.  (https://twitter.com/emotypewriter/status/889780453883785216)


The value and essence of changing your surname after marriage is certainly magical with the emotion that you perceive in your relationship. However, the process is tedious and time consuming with a bunch full of paperwork required in the beginning few months of your marriage life. To make the process easy and the beginning of your new life flawless, here is a simple checklist to help you change your surname after marriage.

The checklist includes 5 key points:

  1. Apply for Your Marriage Certificate
  2. Get an Affidavit
  3. Update Important Identification Proofs
  4. Update All Important Accounts and Documents
  5. Enjoy the Union of Your Names and Your Souls


Apply for Your Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate is a proof that you have completed and registered your marriage according to Indian laws. The very first step is to get your name registered on your marriage certificate. The process to apply the same in India is as follows:

  • Visit the official website of Indian Government
  • Download the marriage registration form
  • You can even visit the local government authority or city court to get the registration form
  • Fill the form and then submit the same to the Sub Registrar Office
  • Along with the form, submit the copies of your Aadhar Card, PAN Card, and other ID proof documents
  • After all the legal processing you will get your marriage certificate


Get an Affidavit

An affidavit is a legal proof of your registered marriage on a stamp paper. To get an affidavit you need to follow the process as follows:

  • Visit a registered notary
  • Request for an affidavit for name change
  • Do mention about your marriage that becomes the reason of name change
  • Specify your old name with your father’s name and address
  • Specify your new name with your husband’s name and address
  • Mention your marriage date
  • Sign the stamp paper
  • And you can collect the same with an official seal


Update Important Identification Proofs

Once you have received your marriage certificate and affidavit, it is time to update all important identification proofs with your name change. You need to submit an affidavit along with the copy of your marriage certificate to the assigned authorities for the following:


  • Aadhar Card: Log in to Aadhar Card Self Service Online Portal with your Aadhar Number to update your Aadhar Card.
  • Voter Card: Visit the National Voter Service Portal. Fill and submit the form for the change in name.
  • Driving License: Connect with the Department of Motor Vehicles to update your driving license.
  • Passport: Register yourself on Passport Seva Online Portal and fill the re-issue passport form. Further make the payment and print the final receipt to show during your booked appointment in the passport office.
  • PAN Card: Visit NSDL or UTI website and request for PAN change form. Fill the form and consolidate the same with supporting documents of your marriage. Paste your photograph and send the application to the registered address or the NSDL or UTI.


Update All Important Accounts and Documents

Now, once you have updated the important ID proofs, it is time to update the name change in all your bank accounts and other important documents. However, these updates are not at all time-sensitive and you can handle the same at the later stage.

  • Bank Accounts: Make a request for name change in your personal bank accounts.
  • Investment Documents: Make a request for an update in all your bonds, unions, saving schemes, and insurance policies.
  • Vehicle Registration: If in case you own a vehicle then make a request to update your vehicle registration details.


Enjoy the Union of Your Names and Your Souls

Now, you have finally united your name with the name of your soul mate. The unity that stands with mix of emotions, diverse likes, assorted dislikes, and varied mood swings proves to be a perfect union of two souls if you feel rooted to each other just like the multiple branches of a tree grow over the years while strengthening the roots.


After a happy beginning, take a route to a happy married life in a new home with a new name and among new family members.

Let Your ‘Me’ become ‘We’ in all aspects of your marriage.

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