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It is believed that the pheta originated under the rule of Shivaji in a town known as Kolhapur in Maharasthra. The pheta is a turban tied in a particular style which was later made popular under the rule of the Peshwas. In India in the traditional weddings the bridegroom needs to look like royalty and here is where the pheta comes into the picture. Jayanta Fetewala provides pre-tied phetas which can simply be worn on the head like a cap. On the other hand if you want to tie the pheta yourself then you can opt for the cloth length which they also have.

Apart from pheta style Jayanta also stock many other styles of turbans from across the country. They understand the importance of headgear which stands for the pride and prestige. The people wear it today as a symbol of loyalty and culture.



  • Turbans of different styles from all over the country
  • Specially tied turbans for the grooms to make them stand out
  • You can buy pre-tied and cloth length of turbans
  • Many different textures and embellishments on the turbans to make them look royal

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Jayanta Fetewala

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Mahal, Nagpur, Nagpur

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