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About US

Wedding is the largest ceremony of everyone's life. Both the bride and the groom along with their family members celebrate a wedding like a festival.

Who Are We?

Bookmywedding.in is an online platform where you can find the top most expert vendors and amazing venues all around the nation. We are team of enthusiastic people that who utilize our expertise and passion to make your weddings the most memorable days of your life. So dear Couples, just relax, log on to bookmywedding.in, and solve all your wedding related quests and queries here!

How We Started?

Wedding Planning is mostly hectic and unorganized due to which people face a lot of problems. This is a big event in everyone’s life, so we believe there should be no compromises here. The main focus of bookmywedding.in is luxury planning, design and management of the wedding day, reception day and all other wedding related functions. Hence, our team promises to arrange all this for you in an organized manner.

Why are we Unique?

We do not just provide best Wedding Services but are also experts in birthdays, anniversary, corporate meetings, annual party, get together and house warming. Earlier the Wedding planners used to keep a note of things on a piece of paper but bookmywedding.in has bought a better and new way for the modern, social brides & grooms . You can make a to-do lists to schedule your appointments in order to keep your agenda on track with the help of our customized check lists.This gives us an edge over all our competitors as we are the best event planners. We are your partners for all the happy events of your life.

What are our Values and Beliefs?

Wedding planning is not a simple task. We need to find the right dress, hunt for wedding vendors like, catering, decoration and book the entire event with the right wedding planners for the grand occasion. We believe we can make a difference here. Our Wedding Services are reliable, spontaneous, and our main focus is customer satisfaction.

Why should you choose us?

We have several features which help you have a complete control over your wedding, from sending a “save the date” message to packing your bags for your honeymoon. Our save the date module allow you to begins sharing the happiness with your friends and family through social media. We also have a budget tool to review your spends and schedule your payments. You can also access to our honeymoon planner to get to most beautiful destinations with your partner.

The Wedding App

Our App and website are very easy to use. You can keep everything that makes your weddings unforgettable in your pocket with our Photo Notes app. With our Checklist App, keep your wedding on track, from announcing your engagement dates till winding up your wedding. We also have a detailed guest list manager to control your guest list and table arrangements.

Locations we serve

We have an extended list of the best vendors in almost every big city and town of India. So doesn’t matter where you are, just click on the link and you are all set.