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10 Center Table Decoration Ideas: A Fascinating Experience For Your Guests

Posted By Sudhir Bhatt

Aug 2, 2019

"An Unforgettable Centre Table Experience for the Guests"

As weddings are getting bigger and stylized, centre table decoration is no mean feat, Book My Wedding is here to help.

A gift for all the guests at your wedding, visually delightful centre table look, let’s get started –

1. Flowers and candles Candle and flowers have been a long time associated with love and romance.

table decoration with flowers

So, what a better idea, than laying it in style for the guests on their dinner centre table, your wedding day.

table decoration with candles

A long stream of your favourite flowers, just flowers at the centre can be put up for a wedding lunch table set in an open space.


2. Lights – The use of simple fairy lights can do magic if you are looking for an evening décor of the centre table.

Add a flower into the light cases, if you want to bit fancy.

table decorations with lights

3. Colour themes – Colours are a very integral part of celebrations in India and wedding colours form the basic premise of the entire look.

color themes table decoration

Colours like pink and purple would look stunning and at the same time, delicate.

The table cloth, napkins, lighting in the dining area, all things in sync with the theme.

The plates can be glass ones, to let the colour theme, see-through.

A menu card can be placed near the dishes; it will be good if they know already, what’s on the table.

4. Mason Jars – For an outdoor lunch table arrangement, use plain mason jars, with flowers in it.

table decoration with mason jars

table decoration with mason jars

Else you can add huge lemons cut into circles into the pot and then flowers, best works for summer weddings.

The jar can also be decorated with ribbons or can be coloured for a more vibrant look.

The stems can be used as part, for an organic and contemporary décor feel.

5. Huge flower trees If you have a large or round centre table, then these unique flower trees will look beautiful.

table decoration with huge flower trees

Pastel flowers will make a subtle yet eye-catching the image.

There is a lot more stuff coming up, some quirky, some never tried before things.

A spree of ideas is still waiting for you - to be continued in the next blog.

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