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10 Christian Bride Hairstyle with short hair

Posted By Rachell Ann Rodrigues

Sep 15, 2020

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. Here are 10 Christian Bride Hairstyle with short hair.

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. Brides with short hair might feel that they have limited options, or will not look feminine enough. This however is not true, and you can still steal the show with short hair. If you are a Christian bride to be, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, as there are so many trending hairstyles for short hair. Work with a professional hairstylist for your big day, and she will transform your short hair, giving you the fairytale look you were aiming for. Here are 10 Christian Bride Hairstyle with short hair

For the bride who wants to ditch the stereotypical long tresses and veil look, the modern wedding look with short stylized hair is both simple yet fashionable. Short hair is also perfect for accessories such as tiaras, floral bands, bobby pins, hair clips, and combs.

Christian Bride Hairstyle-

1. The classic bun: For someone who likes to keep it simple and non-fussy, the classic bun is the go-to hairstyle. The conventional mid- bun with a bouffant is suited to short hair perfectly. The flawless front bump gives length to the face as well and suits brides with round and oval face cuts. The messy bohemian bun is fun and suits a sassy bride. The delicately rolled up hair loosely held together with pins is a beautiful hairstyle for your wedding day.

Christian Bride Hairstyle


2. Curls for short hair: Experienced stylists can do wonder with short hair by resorting to different kinds of curls. In the lifted curls, the roots of the hair are teased backward and the rest of the head is filled with gorgeous curls. Soft Vintage curls add an extra dose of feminity and suit brides with bob cuts. This look can be paired with an eye-catching hairpiece or hairband.

Christian Bride Hairstyle with short hair


3. Formal Fauxhawk: The no-nonsense, daredevil bride will love this hairdo. In this chic and modern bridal look, the sides of the head are shaved off, and the rest of the hair is teased upwards and curled. To add a hint of formality, add an embellished hairpin or clip at the side.

Christian Bride Hairstyle fauxhawk


4. Short waves: Waves are so feminine and dreamy. Use a medium barrel curling iron to curl your hair into spiral waves. Wavy hair can be accessorized in so many ways. A flower crown as a tiara will make the bride look like a princess. A lacy headband is also suitable for thin delicate waves.

Christian Bride Hairstyle short waves


5. The braid: French braid, Dutch braid, fishtail braids, the list is endless and the choice is yours. A side French braid like Princess Elsa from Frozen can be created y simply backcombing the hair and French braiding it to the side. If you want to try something different, go for the braided bow look. This look involves creating several tiny ponytails, which are pulled at both ends, till a thin piece of hair wrapped at the center and secured with pins.

the braid hairstyle bride


6. Classic chignon for short hair: The chignon is elegant classy and simple. the hair is loosely knotted at the nape of the neck and secure with elastic. You can make a side parting and pull all the hair back to form a low bun. Pull out some tendrils around it and let out those loose curls from the sides of your face. Use a lot of setting spray and mousse to maintain the look. The crimped knot, sleek roll, and low bow braid are all variants of the chignon look.


7. Keep it natural: In case you want to ditch using excessive hair setting products, simply remove two sections of framing locks, comb back the rest of your hair and tie a half ponytail, leaving the lower section of your hair loose. You could either curl or straighten the loose end depending on hair texture. This look can be completed with a thin flower or pearl hairband.

natural hairstyle short hair bride


8. The basketweave: As the name suggests, the hair is styled to look like a cane basket. This style is fairly complicated and you should hire a professional hairstylist, or make a quick trip to the hair salon on your wedding so that it looks professional and stays on for long.

basketweave hairstyle for bride


9. Monroe inspired loud curls: If you have light brown to blonde short hair, you must definitely try to replicate Marilyn Monroe’s coif. Large hair rollers will do the trick. Go all out and try chunky curls with large embellishments if you have shoulder-length hair. This hairstyle suits brides with loud, sparkling, and fun personalities.



10. Pixie Bob cut: The bob cut is so stylish yet so simple to style and maintain. For those with a flaunt a chin grazing bob cut, simply condition your hair and side part it for a clean, sweet look. One advantage of the bob cut is that you can accessorize it without worrying that the pieces will be overshadowed b the volume of your hair. An oversized flower on the side or a rhinestone headband completes the look.

Pixie Bob cut christian bride hairstyle


Try these 10 Christian Bride Hairstyle with short hair. Trust us, with these short hairstyles, your groom will be dying to say ‘I do’ even before the wedding vows can begin. Own your short hair and be the most amazing bride ever.


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