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10 entrance gate decorations at the Venue you must try in your Wedding

Posted By Seraj Ahmed

Sep 3, 2019

Wedding is a grand ceremony and therefore the entrance gate must complement the settings manifested in the wedding hall or garden.

People are bored with the typical decoration of flowers and curtains at the entrance and you would want to add a unique element to impress your guests and relatives.

Here are the top 10 entrance gate decorations that you can try in your wedding:

Forest look

                                                                                                                     Forest Entrance Ideas for Weddings

Image Credits: Aviraj Saluja

You can make the entrance gate look like a deep forest road.

Here, you can either use green leaves and yellow flowers and white flowers to decorate the entrance or yellow stems and pink flowers can be arranged to make it look like a forest arch of the dry summer.

Night decorations

Night Decoration Ideas For Weddings

     Image Credits: DremaKraftz

If the wedding is scheduled at night then you can decorate the wedding entrance with lamps, chandeliers, bulbs and hanging candles.

Lamps that look like planets and stars can be used to give that exotic look to the entrance gates. 

Rustic look

If you want to give a rustic or old house look to your wedding entrance then you can do it with the help of wooden doors that are a bit rustic, few wooden blocks, and few other items such as old books, table lamps, etc.

However, do not forget to add the flower decoration in between the doors to make that look like a wedding entrance.

Filmy theme

Filmy Entrance Ideas for Weddings

You can add a filmy theme to your wedding entrance gate by using red carpet, red curtains and mirror stand with candles.

These things will add a magical touch to the wedding entrances and your guests will get an impression of a blockbuster movie premiere!

Flowery tunnel

 Flowery Entrance Ideas for Weddings

A tunnel framework can be decorated with beautiful pink and white flowers to make your guests feel special while entering the wedding hall or garden.

Hallway entrance

Hallway Entrance Ideas for Weddings

Modern art paintings and pictures of Hindu mythological gods can be used to give a special look to your wedding entrance gate.

Lighted ceilings

Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Weddings

A perfect entrance for a night wedding would be decorating the walls and roof completely with the mesh of lights.

These lights can be made to sparkle and change colors to add a special effect.

Garden entrance

Graden Entrance Ideas for Weddings

A wedding entrance gate can be made to look like a garden with artificial trees, flowers, wooden fences, a pavement of garden tiles, etc.

Religious entrance

Religious Entrance Ideas for Weddings

Some people like to place brass idols and traditional Indian lamps to make the wedding entrance resemble the entrance of a glorious temple.

You can use flowers and hanging lamps to make it look even better.

Pillar decoration

Pillar Entrace Ideas for Weddings

One of the most common and attractive entrance gate decorations is the pillar decor laced with flowers and ferns to give it a special look.

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