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10 Fun and Smashing Haldi Ceremony Ideas

Posted By Jennie Kakkad

Mar 31, 2020

Image: Kwirfy Productions 

Haldi Kumkum is a religious Maharashtrian festival celebrated across the Indian boundaries with great pomp and show mainly in western regions of the country like Gujarat and Rajasthan. The celebration caters to involve all married women who together pray for the well-being and long life of their husbands. Let us express in a better way that women of each religion have its own way of praying for the love and life of her husband. With this, it is clear that Haldi Kumkum is no different than the famous Karva Chauth festival we celebrate every year. Keep reading for the haldi ceremony ideas below!


Why is Haldi Kumkum Celebrated


Talking about the history of haldi kumkum, it was first initiated in Peshwas. During the time when men of the royal families were out for fighting their own battles of glory and power, women of the families used to come together to pray for their husbands and have a splendid time with each other. Dressing beautifully, enjoying mouth-watering delicacies, expensive gifts, and personal bonding were all part of this haldi kumkum ceremony.


When is Haldi Kumkum Celebrated


The festival of haldi kumkum is celebrated in the month of January. It is a festive aspect of the popular Hindu festival Makar Sankratri and hence the celebration becomes live on the day of Makar Sankratri or is organized in the next couple of days.


How is Haldi Kumkum Celebrated


As an integral part of the celebration, women on this day organize a special social gathering where they send across an invitation to all women. Further to that, when the actual ceremony begins, the women who organizes the function apply ‘Turmeric’ popularly known as ‘Haldi’ in our country and ‘Vermilion’ popularly known as ‘Kumkum’ to their face and arms. Once the entire process gets over, the women organizer gives gift to all women as a token of thanks for accepting the invitation and showing their presence on this auspicious function. This clearly states how to celebrate the haldi kumkum festival.


What are the 10 Best Haldi Kumkum Ceremony Ideas


When we talk about celebration and when it comes to women specific ceremonies, there are ample of ways and ideas that can make each celebration more joyful and exciting. Here are 10 fun and smashing haldi ceremony ideas:


  1. Décor Theme: You can have a completely yellow décor with yellow flowers, yellow ribbons, yellow upholstery, and much more to have a complete feel of a fantastic haldi theme. This yellow haldi kumkum ceremony idea you can mix colors of red to showcase the aura and appearance of kumkum. Yellow and red when mingled together makes the most fantastic, inspirational, and spiritual color combination pleasing to eyes and soothing to visualize.
  2. Dress Code: You can choose to have a unique dress code for the haldi kumkum function so that everyone in same pattern of dressing can deck up the religious floor. There are options to have a traditional look in sarees of vivid colors, an indo-western theme with a range of fashion attires available in the present era, or opt for a color theme like yellow, red, green, or any other auspicious color. However, to be precise the most religious color for the festival is black. When the entire gathering falls together with the same sort of outfits, it delivers a feeling of oneness as if everyone is complementing each other.
  3. Sprinkling Fragrance: Sprinkling fragrance with rose water or any permitted form of religious attar is another ritual that needs to be followed for haldi festival. Can choose to have attar to sprinkle on yourself and other ladies as well with an assurance that the fragrance of life stays forever.
  4. Photo-Ready Attitude: With all the ladies decked up with the best of attires, it is important to have a photo-ready attitude and click as many pictures as you can. Mostly ladies are dressed up in traditional dresses having a distinctive glam in the deepest of their beauty charms and the same beholds a very strong photogenic feel.
  5. Delicacies for the Taste Buds: It is a time to enjoy and relish the scrumptious taste of many dishes and food items. You can have a good range of choice when it comes to preparing the best dishes for the function in a way to satisfy the taste buds of all those who are part of the gathering. Some of the most common dishes for haldi kumkum party are mango juice, seasonal fruits, Puranpoli, Masale Bhat, Matki Usal, Amti, anarsa, alu vadi, kothambir vadi, ragda patties, dil sabji, Kairichi Vatli Daal,and Kairichi Dal. You can certainly club the Maharashtrian dishes with other delicacies holding their specialty in different regions of the country.
  6. Add to the Fun Factor: When the deco, dress, and delicacies come to a resort, it is time to think about how you can make the haldi party most memorable with lots of fun and smashing. The best way you can opt for the smashing ideas is to conduct some party games for the haldi event. You can go for damcharas, naughty one-minute games, guess the option, and various other options that can involve everyone in one go.
  7. Connect and Impact: ‘Connect and impact’ are the easiest way to use the haldi kumkum ceremony as one of the most promising marketing measure for women entrepreneur. Parties like such are the best ways to connect with women of other verticals and put forth your products or services in a more influencing manner. We address it as ‘Connect and Impact’ because the way you connect leaves a strong impact on the other ladies for the haldi kumkum event.
  8. Haldi Kumkum Gift Ideas: Haldi ceremony gift ideas become a leading concern when it comes to ensure that the ceremony becomes a moment to cherish. It should be a thoughtful gift that can be used to keep for memory sake. During this festival the price of the gift hardly makes a difference but the emotion and religious significance that it beholds, the gift becomes a pure thing to possess. Some of the best return gift ideas for haldi kumkum include:


  • Fashion Jewelry: Fashion jewelry like bangles, stylish bindi, necklace, maang tika, and paayal are some of the important and auspicious belongings of a married woman. When gifted on this special occasion, the fashion jewelry marks a distinctive significance.
  • Traditional Maharashtrian Nose Ring: Most commonly known as the nath, a form of elongated nose ring is the best haldi function gift to cherish ever after. The gift simply defines an extension of our rich tradition with pure thoughts and emotions.
  • Handmade Gifts: Handmade gifts are certainly a showcase of women’s liberty and togetherness. The same is best showcased and reflected if you choose to have handmade gifts as return gifts for haldi party. You can choose to have handmade coasters, boxes, bags, tea-light, and many more.
  • Kumkum Boxes: Vintage kumkum boxes to store the auspicious jewelry form of married women in India express richness and thoughtfulness wrapped in aesthetics.
  • Home Décor: Home décor is an all time favorite for any women and when gifted on this special day, it adds more significance. You can opt to choose bed sheets, dohar, blankets, table mats, and many similar items that can add to the aesthetics of any home.
  • Diffusers: Diffusers are best when seeking for a perfect moment of fragrance. Everyone these days do prefer having a diffuser at their home for spreading the fragrance at their residences. Choosing diffuser as the gift idea for haldi function makes a thoughtful gift that can add value to a relationship.


  1. Sweets with the Gift Pack: When you give gifts then it is of utmost significance that you give sweets made of jiggery popularly known as gud and sesame seeds known as til. The sweets is given with the gift that you plan to give to all along with one coconut and a beautiful flower to add a special fragrance to the festive celebration of haldi kumkum.
  2. A Warm Good-Bye Note: Once all the procedures are over and the function comes to an end, it is time to bid a good-bye in a way that the other woman retains her association with you. The way you treat during the haldi function, the thoughtful haldi ceremony gift ideas, and the food that you present; all works to create a lasting impact.


Above are the 10 smashing ideas to throw a mind-blowing haldi kumkum party. However, you can go wilder and more imaginative to think about inspiring ideas and add more charm and excitement to the event. So, what are you thinking? Go through the ideas and plan your haldi ceremony for a memorable party.


However, we request you to share your party stories with us if in case you find our ideas helpful and if you use the same for organizing your haldi kumkum ceremony. We are also open to suggestions and advices from you if you can think of innovative ways to celebrate the function with more joys and excitement. Together we can explore more and expose more ideas to the people looking to make this celebration a memory forever. All you have to do is make a commitment to share your success stories and your genuine opinions. That’s what we strive for!


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