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12 Pro Tips to Smartly Plan Your Wedding Without Overspending

Posted By Amita Shrivastava

Apr 10, 2020

After getting engaged, you are so excited and lots of your dreams seem to come true but one of the important things comes into mind when you start to list down for your wedding is "Money". What is your budget on how to break-up the budget of your pocket into your desired items which are looking for you perfect wedding? Wedding is a too memorable and cherish able moment but side by side it is too stressful to plan a good wedding.

For a successful wedding, determining a budget for the wedding is the initial step that you and your would-be should list down. In the budget, you figure out all the factors where spending is required. Where you can realistically spend and what are the necessary things for both of you or for your parents?

After allocating all the budget then you make sure where about the overspending because in a marriage you keep some money on the safer side because you don’t know when the urgency happens and you have to spend. So, it is a wiser decision not to overspend and work smartly while planning your wedding because you have to enjoy too Dear! Below are the following tips to take care of your overspending on your wedding:


1. Wedding Date

wedding date

The most important money-saving is depended upon on your wedding date. Due to date, prices vary for each thing. For example, Photography rates become higher, hotel booking rates also get higher and with this wedding dress prices are also shooting up. When you go in high wedding season like December, you are unable to get any discount for any items due to the heavy demands from customers. For the saving purpose, choose your dates wisely so that you can save your pockets while planning your wonderful wedding.


2. Wedding Jewellery

wedding jewellery

Choose your jewellery which suits your wedding dress and has some jewellery only which goes on with your daily routine dress in which you may look beautiful and do some cost-cutting for your wedding. 


3. Bachelor party  

bachelor party

Enjoy your bachelor party before your marriage because its lots of fun but don’t think on overspending like going out of the City or Country just to show them how much happy you are with your marriage. Celebrate the moment in your city at the best and attractive places with lots of cocktails and wine. And be careful while spending your money to save your pocket for wedding functions.


4. Invitee

wedding invitation

Wedding is a function in which you invite all your friends and relatives to seek their presence and they give you their blessings but sometimes you wouldn’t know most of your relatives and call them for the sake of rituals and family ties. So avoid them because one invitee will incur a cost for your wedding and may disturb your pocket. List it smartly without hurting on the budgets.


5. E-Wedding card :

e wedding card invitation

Nowadays, everything is digitalized so you can also apply the same for your wedding. Make an e- invitee for your wedding. It's a new and interesting way to invite your known.

if you know some software then you can make it on your own in order to save the money. Make your e-wedding creatives by taking some examples from the internet and make card impressive. And if some guests are not able to know to have the e-card then you may take a printout of the same card and send them.


6. Bulk Buying:

bulk buying

 When you are the going market for your wedding purpose then try to purchase in bulk or have wholesale deals which can also reduce your cost. Like sarees, suits, soaps and some items for gifting purpose to your in-laws can be bought at lower prices in large quantities.

If you are living in Delhi then go to Chandni Chowk, Chawari Bazar for bulk purchasing of it and do all your wedding shopping. These places are an excellent place for all exclusives items and you get a discount too


7. Drinks and Beverages

drink and beverages

 During your wedding function, don’t serve a costly drink or any imported drinks. Choose a flavour which is likened by all and which you can serve mixed with all those drinks. Carry a limited range with limited stocks too, because in open bars, there is no limit to drinks and it is difficult to handle the situation and you need to be careful while the party is going on because everyone has to get the drink and beverages. By doing these things, your bill will become short.


8. Do wedding in the Afternoon:

afternoon wedding

 Usually, you may find that lunch is always cheaper as compared to dinner. So choose a venue which offers a good lunch and brunch for your beautiful guests. Actually the wedding in the afternoon does not require a lot of lighting and decoration also which is also one of the factors that add to the save your budgets. So, Go wisely!


9. Venue Decoration :

wedding decoration

 When you are searching for your wedding venue then takes care of decoration also. The decoration is the most important part of any marriageso choose the venue in which the decoration package is inclusive with the venue of your wedding. It turns out to be cheaper for you. Choosing decorator outside of the venue is costlier and you don’t need to tell them how to do the decoration.


10. Theme Wedding

wedding theme

 Theme  wedding is in fashion now but chooses a theme which is simple because highly cultured theme gets lots of decoration and costume cost also gets increased. Take an elegant and classy theme which reflects all tradition clearly and make your wedding beautiful. 


11. Choose Footwear and Dress shoes wisely:

wedding footwear and attire

 Don’t go for a very high-class brand for your footwear and wedding dress. Choose a normal range of footwear and wedding dress which feels comfortable, suits on you and looks beautiful. Both the footwear and wedding dress is used only once or you can say only for the wedding day. Don’t over-spend and you may do a bit of cost-cutting here.


12. Honeymoon:


 Every couple starts dreaming about their honeymoon, once they get engaged and plan to go to a wonderful destination. While planning your honeymoon, book the hotels, transport in the starting because at the last moment prices bound to go up and you also won't be able to manage the things easily due to which you have to pay extra money. If you want to have an all fun-loving honeymoon, plan everything from the first to not have to overspend.

Well, with the above things you will be able to save money off for your wedding or you can say you don't have to overspend on your wedding and make your marriage romantic.





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