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15 delicious bite-sized appetizers you must have at your Wedding

Posted By Sreeparna Mukharjee

Jan 25, 2020

Appetizers are essential for having a great wedding party. Choose the right menu using this helpful article.

Image Source: phillymag

Are you planning to have your dream wedding this year?

If yes, you surely would want it to be a perfect day. 

Trust me; you cannot ever claim to have a perfect day without excellent food.

Do you know what makes for a good wedding menu? Good appetizers.


Believe it or not, appetizers are the most crucial part of a party menu.

I mean, what do you do first when you enter a wedding reception?

You go for the snacks, of course!
These are the most delicious bite-sized appetizers that can make your wedding an affair to remember.

Mini samosas:
I remember my friend saying, ‘Samosas are perhaps the best snack known to mankind.’
I agree with him.

There is no doubt that if you serve these at your wedding, everyone will love it.

You will have kids and adults alike running for more!

Pizza rolls:
Is there anyone you know who doesn't like a good pizza?

If yes, please don't invite them to your wedding.

Pizza rolls are easy to make, and they taste delicious.

When it is done right, they can steal your spotlight at your wedding!

Spring rolls:
A spring roll is a dish best served bite-sized.

A steamy, spicy flavour melting down inside your mouth

is all you need to forget about your worries.

Spring rolls are one of the most popular Indian appetizers,

and your wedding party would lose its lustre in their absence.

Mozzarella sticks:
A creamy taste with a rich flavour and delicious ingredients.

That is what a mozzarella stick would give your guests.

It is easy to make this delightful dish if cooked by a competent chef.

Pizza-stuffed mushrooms:
Tired of keeping a stern track of your calories?

With pizza-stuffed mushrooms, you will find a healthy way to eat pizzas!

It combines the two most opposite factors of a dish – taste with health,

and makes for an excellent party dish.

Lasagna bites:
Tired of eating lasagna the usual way?

If you want to try something unconventional, try having lasagna bites at your wedding reception.

People will have lasagna in any form and shape!

Moreover, they are tasty and serve as an excellent appetizer.

French dip bites:
Oh, look, they're serving a classy dish as an appetizer!

That is what the general conversation be on your wedding day should you serve French dip bites.

Get the sauce right, and you will have a delicious bite-sized snack at your wedding.

Spaghetti and meatball bites:
Name a more iconic duo than spaghetti and meatballs; I dare you!

If you serve them as a bite-sized appetizer at your wedding, it would be the talk of the day.

It might be strange to some, but it will be a satisfying experience for all.

Fried tortellini:
Looking to serve a classic as an appetizer?

Bite-sized, fried tortellini will make for an excellent snack for guests with a specific pallet of taste.

Spinach artichoke cups:
If you are looking to incorporate a unique, vegetarian dish in your appetizer list,

this is a top-notch choice.

It appears easy on the eye and provides an ambrosial experience for the guests.

Lamb skewers:
I remember a crowd looking for a particular dish at one of the weddings I went to.

After they failed to find it, there was some mutual grumbling.

That particular dish was lamb skewer.

The dish’s popularity as an appetizer speaks for itself.

Chicken tikka:
Have you ever been to a wedding that served non-vegetarian dishes

but you couldn’t find chicken tikka there?

Because I sure have not.

It is one of the most popular and tastiest dishes available in the subcontinent.

Pimiento cheese crostini:
Take a loaf of bread, and some delicious, high-quality cheese.

Combine it into one beautiful dish.

That is what a cheese crostini is all about.

It combines two of the most popular ingredients to cultivate an elegant appetizer.

Fried paneer bites:
A vegetarian's paradise, paneer bites can serve as a light bite-sized snack

and provide an enjoyable experience to all the guests.

Mini burgers:
One of the things that hold me back from making burgers my staple diet is

the extravagant amount of bite it takes for me to finish it.

If we make it a bite-sized dish, I will go nuts.

I will even attend my ex’s wedding to get my hands on these exquisite snacks.

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