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20+ Indian Bridal Make up Tips for Your Wedding Day

Posted By Jennie Kakkad

Sep 9, 2020

Understanding the fact that bridal makeup plays an integral role, it is important to have the basic
knowledge of makeup and thoughtful Indian bridal make up tips for your wedding day.

A wedding is a very auspicious and memorable day for a bride. She just wants to look perfect on her wedding day. She knows she will be the center of attraction during all the ceremonies and rituals and will never want to ruin her physical appearance with imperfect makeup. As long as the wedding function lasts, the whole focus is on the bride only. Therefore everything about the bride should be perfect whether it is makeup, hairstyle, dress, or even facial expressions on the wedding day. Under such a scenario, bridal make up tips and techniques are one important thing that beholds the strength to transform any sort of imperfection to a perfect wedding story.

bridal make up tips

For all the brides-to-be, here are some of the most helpful Indian wedding makeup tips for your special day:

  1. One of the most important tips on bridal makeup is to stay happy from within. Do remember that if you are not happy from within then no make-up will be able to work on you and even the most renowned bridal makeup artists will fail to deliver the desired look with a flawless skin finish.

  2. The second most important makeup tip to help you on your wedding day is to make sure that you be what you are. Do not work to overdo the use of the makeup for a look that does not define your identity. Let it fall naturally because only if you look natural you will feel confident. On the other hand, an overdone makeup looks flashy and may take your natural essence during the most important day of your life.

  3. You should also ensure that you are playing safe with the makeup. Do not try and test any new style or experiment with any kind of makeup on your day. Always make sure to play safe with no stress to having an unsatisfied makeup that is certain to spoil your special day.

  4. Whatever type of makeup you use, it is always advisable to have waterproof makeup to avoid any fading of makeup during the wedding.

  5. Now, it is important to prepare your skin for makeup. You need to follow a thoughtful skincare regime well in advance so that the skin can normalize the negative impact created due to pollution, irregular dietary habits, and lack of skincare measures. This routine should include deep cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

  6. Start with the application of ice. This helps improves blood circulation, fill skin pores, and also works dramatically to add an extra glow to your face.

  7. Then you need to consider using a primer because that helps to create a good base for the bridal makeup while helping you get the desired look on your special day.

  8. A water-based foundation over the perfectly applied primer works wonder. This will help your makeup stay longer without getting spoilt.

  9. Then the application of concealing that works dramatically to hide all skin imperfections in the safest manner possible. A concealer is a perfect solution to cover spots or skin blemishes. You also have an alternative to use colored concealer in order to hide dark colored blemishes on your skin. However, make sure not to overuse the element because that will give your makeup an unnatural look.

  10. You can even use a highlighter for an added glow to your skin. The highlighter you can use mainly in the areas like cheekbones, nose bridge, and the center of the forehead.

  11. Contour art also plays an integral role in bridal makeup because that adds a refined look to your face. When it comes to photography, a perfect contour displays its significance with sharp features and well-defined cheekbones.

  12. It is often said that eyes speak the language of your soul. With the right combination of eye makeup elements including mascara, kajal, eyeliner, and fake lashes you can let your eyes do the talking. For a more spectacular look, you can add Swarovski or any similar adornment to the edge of your eyelashes.

  13. Let the blush complement your skin with natural shades rather than creating an unnatural look. You should not let the blush have a separate look and feel but colors like soft pink and natural skin color that blends seamlessly with the skin tone.

  14. Always make sure to apply a lip balm before lipstick so as to moisturize your lips well. This will help you have a smooth appearance.

  15. When it comes to lipsticks, everyone has their own choice of shades and colors. You can use any color in accordance with your aspirations but always make sure to use a lipstick with a matte finish. The matte finish stays longer and looks more elegant especially when complementing the color of your bridal lehenga. Also, make sure to apply the lip liner for a flawless lip appearance.

  16. It is always the dream of every bride to match everything. Whether it is your makeup, wedding theme, bridal lehenga, or any similar wedding requirements, you always desire to have something that complements each other.

  17. Then coming to your hairstyle, the first thing you need to do is wash and condition your hair well. Then use a good hair spray to let the hairstyle stay for long. Further to that, you can play a safe and smart game with your hair in a way that adds an extra touch of style and elegance to your appearance. You can accessorize your hair with colorful clips and matching hair adornments. However, make sure to have a trial hairstyle session before your wedding day to have an assurance of a complementing and elegant wedding hairstyle.

  18. Make sure to have makeup in accordance with the climatic condition. This means that if your wedding day falls during the summer then apply some extra doses of makeup because it can wither but during the winter season you can have normalized makeup.

  19. You also have to keep in mind the theme and lighting conditions of your wedding venue. Make sure to have a makeup that does not look too flashy or shimmery with the lights used for decorating the wedding venue.

  20. Bridal makeup is not like the usual makeup that you wear every day. Hence, one of the most important bridal make up tips is the demand of professional techniques and ideas. For this, you definitely need a professional wedding makeup artist. If you want to have an amazing look on your wedding day, you need a wedding makeup artist.

  21. You also need to make you that you hire a professional artist who can make you look extraordinary and extremely beautiful with unique bridal makeup ideas. If he or she is a professional there is creativity, innovation, and perfection in making the makeup suitable for your skin complexion. A professional makeup artist will prepare your skin in a way that it will look naturally glowing on your wedding day.

  22. Before you dictate your makeup requirements or share your ideas with your thoughtfully chosen wedding makeup artist, it is important that you do research on what kind of makeup you wanting to have. You can have handy references to show and then have a friendly exchange of ideas. When your aspirations meet with professionalism, the result is sure to be commendable.

  23. For the perfect application of bridal makeup, you should have a well-planned time. Your wedding day is all for you, about you, and because of you. Hence, it is important you manage your time because bridal makeup can take hours to have the final touch and feel.

  24. The perfect bridal makeup comes into the picture only when all your facial features are accentuated while still retaining the originality and maintaining the elegance. Do remember that as an Indian bride you are already loaded with heavy bridal lehenga and bridal jewelry, so make to the minimum high can also prove to have a stunning and gorgeous look.

wedding makeup tips

Hope these tips can be helpful when you planning to go ahead with your Indian bridal makeup. If in case you have more tips that you feel can help people around, please do share with us. Do let us know what you feel about these wedding makeup tips. Do let us know what you actually feel about bridal makeup. If in case you are already married, then do share us your feedback on your wedding makeup with an analysis of whether these tips would have been helpful to you earlier then. Your feedback and your reviews can help so many people around who keep struggling to have perfect wedding make-up.


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