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45+ Indian Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair

Posted By Jennie Kakkad

Oct 3, 2020

Like all the other elements of your wedding day, your hair also needs a lot of care and attention.

It’s your wedding day and your wedding is completely planned. Everything is set right with a perfect wedding decoration, wedding theme, wedding venue, and of course all set with your wedding attire and other accessories. Now, the concern comes with the selection of wedding hairstyles. What kind of hairstyle are you looking for? Do you have any specific ideas or do you want to rely on expert suggestions by your wedding makeup artists? There is much to ponder over and make a rightful decision. Like all the other elements of your wedding day, your hair also needs a lot of care and attention. It adds to your beauty if carried well and when complemented to your choice of makeup, it does wonder. Whatever you wear, it defines your soul, your personality, and your character. Hence, it is a very thoughtful decision to consider especially when it comes to playing with long hairs. To help you ease your worry and guide you to making the right decision, here are 45+ Indian wedding hairstyle for long hair that is sure to win you many compliments and appreciations:

Indian wedding hairstyle for long hair

  1. A sleek tight bun wrapped in floral arrangements, hair embellishments, or gajras gives a picturesque look.
  2. A bubble braid with all the stone embellishments makes the hairdo look truly stunning in its own unique manner. 
  3. A bun adorned with rose flowers flaunts the length and beauty of your tresses with an awe-inspiring look. 
  4. A sleek braid adorned with silver or gold accessories, depending on the design of your wedding outfit, speaks the traditional elegance. 
  5. Half-tied braided hair with interesting locks and half down tresses further adorned with flowers looks beautiful. 
  6. A tight bun wrapped with a bunch of mogras looks dramatic, elegant, and rich in appearance. 
  7. A sectioned braid with a bubble appearance and half falling down with dainty golden pins adds to the beauty of your hair.
  8. Flowing long hair adorned with a captivating floral bouquet, traditional brooch, breath flowers, rose petals, and floral pins. 
  9. The double dutch braid bun with pastel color flowers coupled with hair accessories create the floral charm. 
  10. A cross-sectional braid embellished with golden pins and brooches makes to the charming bridal hairstyle updo
  11. A dramatic loosely weaved braid creates a winning hairstyle displaying the volume and length of your hair. 
  12. A short tight braid on lengthy hair adorned with a small loop of gajra create an inspiring and beautiful look. 
  13. A cascading waterfall braid with all the volume and length of your hair looks creative with fresh flowers.
  14. A bridal hair bun with all the crisscross details accentuated with a single rose or a breath flowers looks amazing. 
  15. A traditional updo with a simple and neat bun with mogra displays real beauty in simplicity. 
  16. Interlocking braids with braids weaved from the side meeting at the center create a magical feel with thoughtful hair accessories. 
  17. Multiple French braids to form a delicious bun embellished with cute pearls makes a perfect bridal hairstyle for long hair
  18. Bun adorned with flowers leaving side tresses to fall on your cheeks gives a signature look of a wedding hairstyle. 
  19. Semi-open natural-looking curls are best to flaunt your hair and let them speak the beauty and glamour. 
  20. Layered and gathered hairstyle turns into a gorgeous and jaw-dropping hairstyle as it displays a waterfall of curls.  
  21. Messy and magical updo with twisted pieces of hair tied to a loose bun leaving some open strands of hair. 
  22. A tucked-up hairdo with flowing hairs adorned with a tiara looks elegant and narrates a royal affair. 
  23. The bridal top bun just like the feel and look of a queen is enough to make a statement on your special day. 
  24. The curled half updo going down the cascades with a braided hairband created of your own tresses gives a pretty formal appearance. 
  25. Swirled twist of curls beautifully draped with hair embellishments works well as a wedding hairstyle.
  26. Half up ringlets and a deep side parting with fancy hair accessories make most of the bridal look. 
  27. Piled up formal hairstyle into the form of a volume packed curl adorned with a traditional veil or tiara looks inspiring. 
  28. Draped long bangs or face-framing layers when paired with shiny curls and beautiful locks define the most trendy bridal hairstyle long hair
  29. A curly low bun packed with twists and curls embellished with floral breath or jeweled hair clip delivers optimal beauty to the bride. 
  30. Loose flowing curls with few tresses pinned at the back give you an opportunity to play with color transition giving a modern touch your classic wedding look. 
  31. Wrap the entire hair length into an elaborate bun and drape the same with multiple hair accessories or floral breath.
  32. Braids combined with cascading curls give a stunning look to the hairstyle and adds to the beauty and charm of the bride. 
  33. Braided hair bun wrapped in gorgeous looking red roses makes the most of the traditional Indian bridal look. 
  34. A low side angular bun embellished with artificial flowers makes your long hair look stunning and attractive. 
  35. A sleek braided hairstyle with curly tresses decorated with dainty crystals, hairpins, or flowers looks beautiful. 
  36. A sleek and neat ponytail makes a strong hair statement with curled up ends and baby breath flowers. 
  37. Multiple bubble braids stand as the most alluring hairstyle for various wedding ceremonies like sangeet and Mehendi. 
  38. Side-parted open waves add to the style you wear on your wedding day. You can adorn your hair with floral clips or hair accessories complementing your dress. 
  39. A beautiful loop braid is a breathtaking braided bridal hairstyle for long hair with dainty floral arrangements. 
  40. A sleek crown braid with flowing twists or curls gives a mesmerizing look to your hairstyle. 
  41. Bumped up curls look gorgeous with the curly hairstyle elevated with bump inserted at the crown. 
  42. Curly tendrils updo is a dramatic hairstyle for your wedding day with curly flows down to your cheeks and ears in beautiful tendrils. 
  43. A dramatic center-parted bun with hair clips or tiara gives the feel of a queen with a classic style of elegance. 
  44. Loose romantic braid in twist and curls pairs gorgeously with the wedding saree to add a stunning look. 
  45. Clip curly bun with all the tresses curled and pinned in a bun with jewel-encrusted clip adds to the elegant look. 
  46. Elaborate Poola Jada braid is the hottest trend for South India bridal hairstyle. Poola Jada is a two-piece floral accessory that gives a base to the length of the braid.  
  47. Casual straight hair with a thoughtful hair embellishment looks effortless yet cool and classy for various wedding ceremonies like sangeet and reception. 

 indian bridal hairstyle


Adding to these, if you go creative and imaginative, there are many options to style your long hair for your special day. Brides having long hair always stay wondering how to dress their hair, but the fact remains that they have ample choices available. Further, when you buy artificial jewelry and hair accessories to adorn, it adds beauty, charm, and style to your hairstyle. If any of these hairstyles, you have worn on your wedding day, please share with us your pictures or your level of attitude wearing the hairstyle. And if you come across more such hairstyles for Indian wedding party accentuating the beauty of the Indian bride, we are open to your thoughts and suggestions. These were the Indian wedding hairstyle for long hair.


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