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5 Creative & Easy Food Decoration Ideas for your Wedding

Posted By Rachel Ann Rodrigues

Sep 7, 2019

When it comes to Indian weddings, the grand buffet is always the priority for the guests, after the bride and groom of course!

While the food is always a grand affair, how the food is plated and presented is taken meticulous care of. Salads are not plated simply but presented in unique ornamental forms. A professional catering service provider with years of artistic experience does these food carvings. Here are a few you could ask your caterers Food Decoration Ideas for your wedding buffet:

Cucumber and Carrot Rose Flower Decoration

Cucumber and Carrot Rose Flower Decoration

The caterers create a rose or heart design using carrot and cucumber shavings. They are used to recreate the rose petals.

Red  Carrot and White Radish Decoration

Red  Carrot and White Radish Decoration

Carrots are peeled vertically using a peeler. Flower petals are carved out from both the white and red radishes. Toothpicks are used to hold the petals together, to form a flower. The radish flowers are then placed on the tray, cover the peeled carrots that resemble orange grass.

Easy Cabbage Vegetable Decoration

Food Decoration Ideas

This is a very easy food decoration using grated cabbage. The grated cabbage is spread across a tray and slices of tomato, cucumber and radish are laid out in the form of a circle. The edges of the tray are then decorated with carrot shavings.

Fish Carved Vegetable Decoration using a Cabbage

Food Decoration Ideas

The radish is first cleaned and then evened out on both sides. A fish is then beautifully carved out of the radish body. The mouth of the fish carved out making a v incision. Small black beads create the eyes of the fish. The fins and tails are joined using toothpicks and the scales of the fish are carved using a sharp knife.

Orange and Radish Decoration

Food Decoration Ideas

Thin flower petals are sculpted using radishes. Toothpicks are used to insert the flowers, which are then pierced into an orange, which acts like a vase. Mint leaves too are pierced to complete the look. These decorations are sure to impress all your esteemed guests, who will not only speak of the sumptuous food but also the excellent decorations.

These are Food Decoration Ideas you can ask your caterers to implement!


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