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6 First Night Tips for Brides

Posted By Amita Shrivastava

Apr 7, 2020

After getting engaged and all the wedding functions as per your planning, a thought comes into the mind of every bride whether it is a love marriage or arranged marriage, it's about her first night with her would be. As you may be feeling awkward but you have to come down on your awkwardness to make your first night as exciting as no could imagine and after all wedding, the first night is more important for the would-be bride because It's the first night that starts the journey of couples. This night is very important for the bride as she has to make herself comfortable or relax in front of her husband although she has left her parent's home. There are following things which the bride can do to light upon on her first night. Here are some first night tips.


1. Feel Awkwardness

feeling awkward on first night tips

 Well, you definitely may feel awkward on your first night as two different people come together to share the same space and plan to live together. if you had a love marriage still this place is new for you and some embarrassment comes with the feeling of awkwardness. And, when you start feeling embarrassed then start with a little talk with him which will remove your awkwardness.


2. Relax Your Mind

 first night tips

On the first night, brides think about what to wear, how to behave, how to talk, how to sit and many things come into one's mind. So, be relaxed because you are new to this place, and if its an arranged marriage then you are new to him also. So, mistakes are bound to happen, don’t worry, these mistakes are manageable as your groom also understands your situation. It's very important for the bride on her first night, to chill and relax and enjoy the first night as anxiety does also affect sex performance.


3. Sex is Not Everything


 sex is  not everything

As you heard jokes from married women, friends, and others about the first-night intimacy since getting engaged, But in any healthy relationship, sex is a part of life, not the whole life. It's a physical bonding with your partner which is necessary but not everything. So, first, understand what your partner wants and understand him and explore each other.


4. Become A Friend To Make A Healthy Relationship

become a friend to make a healthy relationship

If you're going to be in an arranged marriage then make him a friend first later a lover because as a bride you may not share everything with your husband easily. And if you are in love marriage then always remember the trust and the bond will come during your first night and enjoy the whole night.

The bride should enjoy and build a friendship bond with their husband lifelong, which makes a strong base of your married life.


5. Intimacy Can Be Painful

 intimacy can be painful

You may feel uncomfortable if you're going to do sex for the first time and it will be painful, don’t worry about it. So, read down from the internet on how to feel comfortable, either take some advice or ask someone about things which will make your mood relaxed on your first night.


6. Have A Romantic Mood

have a romantic mood

Make your mood such romantic by thinking of positive things about your husband like how he behaves with you? How he reacts? How do both of you start your first night? Love the decoration of your room, wear some sexy dress and make your first night spicy. Your first night should be an unforgettable moment of your life because its the start of a new journey for you both. To cherish these memories respect each other and do the act of loving with each other without any hesitation. These were the first night tips to follow!

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