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A list of wedding and reception dress options for the groom

Posted By Pragati Tiwari

Sep 8, 2019

As a groom, you would certainly wish to look the best at your wedding and reception.

Many outfits can be donned by an Indian groom and it also depends on the style of wedding you are interested in.

For example, if the theme of the wedding is casual then it would be better to go for ethnic dresses like dhoti-kurtas and you can wear a tuxedo or a designer suit at the reception.

Let us see some of the best wedding and reception attire for the groom.


Sherwani is a royal wedding suit and probably the most common attire for groom in India.

groom shervani on reception

Moreover, there is enough scope of personalization according to the style preferences of the groom.

For example, they can wear fashionable and embroidered mojdis (a type of shoes) and a matching dupatta alongside an embellished traditional groom turban to look like a king at the wedding.

Dhoti Kurta

Dhoti Kurta is ethnic wear that seems to be a perfect wedding dress for grooms.

dhoti kurta for groom reception

It looks humble, traditional and classy at the same time. Men choose to wear designer kurtas these days whereas initially, the trend was of wearing plain kurtas.

Kurta Payjama

If wearing dhoti is an issue for you then you can also wear Kurta Payjama.

kurta payjama for groom on receptions

Moreover, kurta pajama can be donned even for receptions as it is simple, classy and looks unique with a plain or designer jacket.

If you choose to wear it for the wedding then you must wear it with an embroidered jacket along with a matching turban and formal shoes.


Jodhpuri looks similar to the Sherwani except for its bottoms which are flared up above the knees.

jodhpuri for groom on reception

It is worn by Rajasthani men and boys even for formal occasions and therefore you can choose a classy Jodhpuri for your reception as well.

Its modern and elegant look makes it ideal for both casual and formal weddings.

Formal suits

A formal suit is a modern wedding dress preferred by grooms who want to sport a dapper and hassle-free look at weddings.

However, it is more suited for receptions and engagement ceremonies.

formal suits ideas for groom on reception

Tuxedo suit is also a perfect reception dress for grooms and he can wear a waistcoat for the sangeet ceremony or the bachelor party.

These were the best wedding and reception attire for the groom.

An Indian wedding is mostly traditional and therefore it is a smart move to wear ethnic wear at weddings and modern dresses like suits and tuxedos for a reception.

formal suits ideas for groom on reception

However, some grooms do the opposite sometimes and the guests often see the funny side of it.

If you have any confusion while choosing a wedding or reception dress you can check http://bookmywedding.in/ that will provide you numerous suggestions for groom wedding and reception dress options.

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