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Bachelor Party Action Themes That Rocks: Making the Party a Great event with Childhood Events

Posted By Sudhir Bhatt

Jul 11, 2019

We are suggesting certain events which do not involve liquor or raunchy activities.

1. Childhood memories: Making a quizzing event will be very exciting – we can remember lots of games which we played as children and teased others with quizzes.

The games which can be played are - Chinese Chequers, Guess the Movie – this can be modified to change it into quizzing for monuments and words, places, Monopoly, Business, Find the spot on maps etc.

2. The buddies can go on a treasure hunt which is organized by some event management people or by the team of friends.

The details, budgets, invitees, lists can be worked out easily form under the tab, My wedding Planner.

This should be done as teams to enhance the joy.

You will be surprised how it can become an exciting event to remember for a long time.

3. Talking of childhood, the participants can dress as Super Heroes and set up an event; each personality will match with some Superhero or the other.

Then they can try to outsmart each other on a problem given to them and how they will save the people who are in trouble.

Childhood is like pretending and lying with role play to have fun, to dress like them,

act like them and behave like these superheroes would be great fun.

The event has to be photographed by a professional photographer to keep the memories alive.

(To engage a professional photographer logon to book my wedding.in and under the vendors, tab look for photographers and save – then contact them).

It is as if a mini Comic-Con event.

4. You can have a unique experience while planning a cookery contest by males.

Different names of Chefs can be given to each of them, and then you can arrange the game with the winner getting honoured on the wedding day.

For planning etc. you can take help from the planning section of the website.

Just like in the Comic-Con event, you can get it photographed too.

Live your childhood before you become an adult married man.

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