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Best & Trending Wedding Invitation Designs - Popular in 2019

Posted By Pragati Tiwari

Sep 8, 2019

Invitations define the grandeur of the wedding and therefore people tend to choose exclusive and special wedding invitation designs for their weddings.

There are different invitation designs in the market which often confuse you to the core.

Indian wedding cards mostly exhibit classy or over-the-top designs whereas wedding cards in Europe and America are usually designed to look sophisticated and simple.

Today we will see some of the best wedding invitation designs that will trend in 2019.

You can check them out in case you are confused about the design you need to choose for your wedding invitation.


Flap card design

Some wedding cards are designed to impress the guests and leave a lasting impression as well.

The flap card design manages to impress everyone as it consists of small cards for every function in the wedding adjusted in one large wedding card.

As your guests open the card, the individual cards pop-up and the guests will have to lift each card separate to read the details written inside it.


Couple Sketch Wedding Card

If you are an artist or related to arts of some form then this type of wedding invitation cards will surely hold your attention.

Couple sketch wedding invitations contain cute sketches of the bride and bridegroom and often contain a couple of illustrations that give a classy and cool appeal to your invitations cards.


Rustic cards

Rustic cards are trending these days and they often manage to steal your art due to their unique looks and classy appeal.

The envelope is often made to look rustic like a fabric of gunny sacks but contains a royal wedding invitation card inside that would surprise your guests pleasantly.

Fonts are often bold and mostly rich, dark and contrasting color patterns are used in such wedding invitations.


Peacock Designs

A peacock is considered to be auspicious in Hindu culture. Therefore, peacock design usually finds a place in an Indian wedding card.

Beautiful patterns containing the couple design of peacocks can be used to enhance the overall appeal of a wedding invitation card.

Moreover, you can also add a feather of peacock feather inside the envelope to add a distinct style and uniqueness to your wedding cards.

Jewelry Design

A wedding card consisting of jewelry designs will never go out of fashion in Indian weddings.

Artificial pearls, moti, and royal colors and designs can be used to make the wedding cards even more special.

Do not forget to use a unique and interesting font for the details or you can also use a gold-colored font to add that extra glitter to your wedding cards.

A bit of sparkle here and there and your wedding card will be remembered for years!

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