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Best Bridal Portraits By Professional Photographers That Are Worth Watching

Posted By Sreeparna

May 8, 2020

We spend our entire lives planning our big fat wedding. As much as it seems to be a private matter of just two persons coming together for a happily ever after, a dream wedding takes a lot of work than just that. Starting from the rituals to celebrating the coming together of different families, Weddings are an important part of our life.

We search for days for the perfect outfits for each ritual and almost starve for hours to get the perfect wedding look. Hence a perfect bridal portrait is well deserved!

Here’s a compilation of the most heartwarming and captivating brides from their big day.



A bride has to accumulate all her patience to sit still for the perfect mehendi that also resembles love.

bridal mehndi portrait Image: Instagram


bridal mehndi design 2


bridal mehndi design 3Image: Instagram


bridal mehndi design 4Image: Instagram


Fun-Filled Haldi

Haldi ritual in Indian weddings is considered not only to drive away from the evils but also it brings out the beauty of the bride. Floral jewellery just adds to the charm.

bridal haldi portrait 1


bridal haldi portrait 2


bridal haldi ceremony

bridal floral jewellery


bridal floral haldi jewellery


bridal floral jeweller on haldi function ??????

bridal portrait during haldi


bridal portrait with floral jeweller -yellow theme


bridal floral kaleerey

bridal floral pink jewellery


bridal floral haldi shower



Brides That Rocked

                                    Keeping apart the wedding jitters these brides simply rocked their wedding day.

unusual bride pose


bride in autorikhaw shot

bride shot getting ready with her lehenga

bride with her unique earings


bride on entrance gate

bridal smoking shot


bride in a bathtub



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