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Best Groom Sehra Design We Spotted at Indian Wedding

Posted By Amita Shrivastav

Apr 9, 2021

The most important part of wedding dress and popular ceremony in North Indian Wedding is Grooms head ornament or the “Sehra”. So, here are some best groom sehra designs.

The most important part of wedding dress and popular ceremony in North Indian Wedding is Grooms head ornament or the “Sehra”. You can get a wide range of sehra designs with the matching of your Groom's dress for your wedding day. In India, it is called the Sehra, and the wearing ritual is called sehrabandi. On the wedding day, the groom is well prepared and decorated by his family when going to the bridegroom place or proceeding for the Baraat. Go below for the following tips on how to choose the best groom sehra design for your wedding.

Indian Groom Sehra Designs-

Pink color Sehra Design 

Choose the pink color sehra when the groom's dress is in a white, off-white color, cream color, or pink color.

In the sehra add rajnigandha flowers or the flower of your choice with the perfect combination of baby pink color.

Make sure the strings of sehra have some gaps to give some visibility to the groom's face & show simplicity to the wearer.

groom sehra design for indian wedding


Gotta and Pearl Sehra Design 

One of the oldest traditional sehra designs that can match with groom dress in Indian Wedding.

But nowadays, liked by North Indian for the royal look and the groom prefer to choose this sehra design.

Gotta & Kiran are placed at Headband and make strings of pearl. Generally, pearls are in off-white colors, and gotta and Kiran are in golden or in a combination of red is used.

Add the zari and mirror work for the gorgeous look.

groom sehra design for indian wedding


Red Color Sehra Design

Another pretty color as a choice for your groom's wedding dress is to impress your bridegroom.

A combination of red color gota, Kiran with pearl or beads looks fabulous. Choose the red and cream color turban and use some red color pearl in the string.

The red color sehra design gives you a royalty look which goes with every color groom dress.

red colour groom sehra design


Silver Sehra Design 

Silver mukut like sehra design made with silver material which looks like mukut that is worn by wealthy & royal families for their weddings.

You can have the images of gods and deities like Ma Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh, and Ma Kali and make some more floral designs as a border on the Silver Sehra design.

Strings should be made of beads with pearl and silver hanging at the bottom.

silver groom sehra design


Red Flower String Sehra Design

All-time favorite best looks sehra design with full of white flowers string and beautiful red roses at the bottom.

You can also choose to make red color roses string & making the gap between the strings so that the groom can see outside & hide under the sehra.

Turban color you may have according to the matching of groom dress in an Indian wedding.

marathi groom sehra design


Beaded Velvet Sehra Design 

Ethnic look sehra design for the handsome groom to enjoy their wedding. Here, zardosi works on the velvet headband for extravagant traditional looks.

Add the border of Kiran around the headband, use the golden beads on the velvet headband.

Great combination of gold, cream with red color which can go with any color of the groom dress. Sehra strings should be made up of golden pearls.

groom sehra design for indian wedding


Maharashtrian Grooms Sehra

In the Maharashtra region, both bride and bridegroom wear a sehra which is made up of strings of pearls and flowers that can couple tied on their heads during the rituals going on their Indian wedding day.

And this kind of sehra known as "Pheta" is one of the necessary things at the time of Marathi wedding.

You can use golden and red color pearl or also do the combination with the matching attire of your wedding dress.

maharashtrian groom sehra


24 Carat Gold Sehra

Newly introduced sehra design that is plated with 24 K gold. The rich families use such a variety of sehra designs to have an elegant and traditional look.

Design the sehra with some motifs and add some flowers with the same color as the groom's dress for an impressive look.

Strings of sehra made of pearl or flowers and at the bottom add some accessory which enhances your attractive look.

indian groom sehra


 South Indian Groom Sehra Designs

Famous sehra design in South India that a groom may carry on the wedding day.

The sehra design has two strings at the extreme corner of sehra that cannot cover the face of the groom like North India.

In the string, you can add some pearl or beads with the matching color of attire.

south indian groom sehra


Royal Blue Sehra Design 

Brightening royal blue color sehra design with matching color groom dress in the wedding.

Match the royal blue with golden or off-white color headband & string of pearl look fabulous that goes with groom dress in your wedding.

blue groom sehra design book my wedding


We, here cover most of the sehra design that can perfectly match with the groom's dress in an Indian wedding.

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