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Best Time And Season To Have The Engagement Ceremony

Posted By Rachel Ann Rodrigues

Aug 29, 2019

Congratulations! He popped the question and you said yes. It is time to celebrate and share this joy with your family and friends.

While some choose to get engaged in private, many choose to throw a lavish engagement party and it is important to determine the right time and season for the occasion.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while planning for the engagement:

Do not jump in too early:

Ideally, Your engagement party must be within three months after he proposed marriage.

This is a sweet spot between the high of being super excited and he worries of getting the wedding plans executed.

However, for someone in a hurry, one month after the proposal should be a reasonable time to host the engagement party.

Do not wait too long:

Assuming that you are planning on getting married a year from the proposal date, having a engagement date a month after the proposal leaves ample of time to plan for the wedding and saves the couple from stress and hurried preparations.

One is never enough: 

Many couples choose to host two to three engagement parties to cater to different crowds.

One could be for the parents, another for close friends and the next for colleagues.

Usually in India, one engagement party is thrown for everyone close to the couple.

Best season to have the engagement ceremony:

Being engaged during the holiday season is a clever thing to do.

According to research, couples in India choose to get engaged during the summer season (May-July)

or during the winter season (November- February).

People usually have summer vacation and winter vacation off during these times of the year and it is easier and convenient for them to attend the celebration.

Summer time engagement in India means that couples can get good 5-6 months before getting married during the wedding season in India, which lasts from October to February. Winter time engagement allows the couples to plan their wedding next year with ease and complete relaxation.

In countries such as America, engagements during the autumn and winter seasons are gaining popularity.

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