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Colour Theme For Summer Mehndi Function

Posted By Shreya Sinha

Apr 5, 2021

While most of us have attended Mehndi functions where there is simple plain default themes that are themed around gende ka Phool (or the marigold flower) theme with flower decorations and mehndi coloured theme.

While most of us have attended Mehndi functions where there is simple plain default themes that are themed around gende ka Phool (or the marigold flower) theme with flower decorations and mehndi coloured theme.  Here are some refreshing colour themes for the summer mehndi function that will blow your mehndi function attendees mind.

Fair themed Mehndi function

You can have a lot of fun stalls, photo frame corners along with activities centred around engaging the guests make it themed around the Mela or the fair. It will be fun, frolic refreshing and super colorful for Mehndi function. There’s plenty of option to add vivid colours, also there’s can be some creative ways to engage every guest to participate in ice breaker games and plenty of desi village food which will keep memories of every one relish for long.  You could make it as colorful as possible, it will be quite a festive events trust us whether its an indoor or outdoor one and in case of an outdoor setting you may check that if you have no time and have exceeded your budget, you may use your home’s host your mehndi function, at the terrace or even at your home’s courtyard. The mehndi event sets a tone for the rest of the wedding festivities, so the more creativity and color theming put up in it will act as a precursor to your main wedding theme.

A dash of primary colors themed such as Yellow, Kesariya & Green will definitely brighten up the event.

•             Green and Gold colored themed

Greenery is symbolic of Nature's abundance and new beginnings. So, what could be better than having this colored themed for your Mehndi day to along with it an overlay of gold will make your mehndi function style mesmerizing.

Colour Theme For Summer Mehndi Function

•             Coral, pink and blue 

It's mellower and soothing to the eyes making the function all classy and picturesque for photography and add to functions vivacity.

Colour Theme For Summer Mehndi Function

•             Baby blue florals pink

Go for this color mixes themes which will be quite unique and eye-catchy and moreover in the case of smaller spaces themed around these colors combination will create a minimal effect and make space larger appearing to the eyes.

Colour Theme For Summer Mehndi Function

•             Peach and Mint

Quite a classy one the themes centered around these two colors tend to prove rich taste and goes well along with the flower decorations and candles lamination during the mehndi function. Along with it, you may choose few themes for the summer mehndi function which have been inspired by elegant and chic celebratory events decorators.

Colour Theme For Summer Mehndi Function

•             Pastel colored theme

When the mehndi function is to be held beside the Poolside you may use some pastel-colored seating pool furniture along with it can have the bridal or the groom dais covered with flowers of colors which go well with this theme. Also, you could ask the decorators to have colorful hangings in and around the pool area with lanterns or hanging candles which goes well along with few papercrafts work like a birdie or kites and various other colorful paper shapes.

Summer Mehndi Function

•             Prop theme

One of the trending mehndi functions, this summer is a prop or elements from a wide change to choose from props such as pinwheels, desi rural setups like bullock carts, or vintage elements such as lanterns, or unique ones like the ocean pearls and other hidden treasure of the sea. These can be considered while adding it to your mehndi function Theme. 

Summer Mehndi Function theme

•             Tropical themed

Often the  Mehndi function is scheduled in the afternoon or early evenings you could go for a Tropical theme with props such as a Flamingo floating inside the pool or may have palm leaves along with cocktails glasses in sea colors along with small mirrors works in beads which will be just the perfect match with the summer weather and the poolside venue.

Tropical themed mehendi function

•             Bohomeian styled theme

The essential element depicting the carefree and free spirit which is now going to be caught up in the most essentials phases of one’s life i.e. tying the knot, you can have your mehndi function venue be well style as per the Bohemian style themed props, with the feature of rustic spirit and an adding dash of the untamed spirit. 

Bohomeian styled theme mehendi function

•             Live spaces

The latest trend is centered around a live space. You may theme your living room space setup or the courtyard styled up with colorful vintage trunk cases, teapots, and the hanging photo frame other such props. The props and the furniture go well together. You may use this theme by selecting the exact matching furniture, props and colors themed around this concept.

Live spaces theme mehendi function

•             Desi that styled 

Another decor trend for Mehndi is to go full-on desi conventional style with flowers strings and beads with choosing the marigold flowers and colors like Rani Pink and Yellow and cocktails served in desi wine bottles with posters of regional singers and instruments.


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