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Colour Trends for Seasonal Wedding Themes

Posted By Rachel Ann Rodrigues

Apr 17, 2020

To make the wedding preparation process easy for you, we have come with a seasonal wedding themes list to help you decide which wedding theme suits your tastes best.

Image Source: Style Gods

The time of the year when your wedding takes place presents a unique opportunity to incorporate the feel and essence of the season into the decor and attires. There are so many different flowers, colours, designs, food and costume.  Nowadays, planning for seasonal wedding themes is possible at any time of the year. Many couples insist on having a seasonal wedding theme according to the season they are getting married in, to create an authentic feel. For example, bright and lively green mats and stunning flowers and butterflies as decor for a spring wedding.

The choice of flowers and colour palette is the perfect way to reflect a season. Your seasonal theme wedding can also be highlighted with the choice of lighting. Yellow lighting adds the warmth of a summer wedding, while a cool blue setting gives the atmosphere of a winter wedding. There are many wedding themes in 2020 that are quite popular already such as Black and white, vintage, rustic, countryside, beachside, ethnic-inspired, royal wedding-inspired etc. However, you can always incorporate seasonal elements to the decor.

To make the wedding preparation process easy for you, we have come with a seasonal wedding theme list to help you decide which wedding theme suits your tastes best.

Autumn wedding theme:

Autumn or fall as it is known in western countries, has become recently become a popular season to get married. With the cooling of temperature and hectic travel routines that summer brings, fall is a wedding trend that most couples are catching upto. Autumn weddings provide many theme choices such wine country, jewel tones, autumn leaves and bountiful harvest. Dark and rich tones such as burgundy, hunter green, sapphire and deep orange or rust are popular fall colour choices. Browns, mocha, gold and metal tones fall in the autumn colour palette scheme.

Popular autumn flowers are violets, chrysanthemums, amaryllis, and golden rods. You can even use seasonal produceshuch apples wheat, grapes and squashes to create a harvest- themed wedding. Autumn wedding decorations must reflect richness and cosiness. Centrepieces made of dark metals such as bronze or iron creates a warm and rustic feel. Copper coloured lanterns, glass elements like chandeliers and wooden decor such as barrels of wine give the classic autumnal feel. Add home-style cooked foods, made of local produce to the menu, such as sweet potato fries, salads, fresh fruit cocktails and curds.

Winter weddings themes:

In India, winters are synonymous to wedding season. As the winter vacations are on and so are popular festivals like Diwali and Christmas celebrated during this time, it is the perfect season to celebrate love. While many couples think of pale colours and snowflakes as themes, fun colours, which are both lively and modern, can be utilized to replace the bland and cold landscape of this season. Winters are the best season for an outdoor wedding and the pleasant weather enhances everyone’s mood.

Some common wedding colour trends for a winter theme wedding are white, silver, cream, red, green and gold. Winter themed decor can include hanging pearl and crystal pieces from the ceiling, white or glass centrepieces with lit candles inside them; metal candelabras look stunning on black table linens. Hang snowflakes or Snowy evergreen or holly garlands with bright red berries to provide a Christmas themed wedding. Glow balls with iced pinecones inside them compliment the winter themed wedding. Popular winter flowers are lilies, white and red roses and white orchids. Furs and sequins add elegance to the theme.

Spring wedding theme:

Spring is reflected through bright colours, soft pastels, flowers, butterflies and greenery. Colours and freshness reflect the essence of spring, and it is a wonderful time to throw a vintage-themed wedding. Spring colour themes include soft green, blush pink, lavender blues and pale yellow. Peach and coral hues along with aqua blue are also common spring colour combinations.

The decor for a spring wedding can be achieved by adding votive candleholders and pastel flower vases on the tables. Place wood boxes or tall clear glass vases and fill them with colourful gel beads, shells and tiny flowers. Scatter a few flower petals on the table and include lace table elements, birdcage hangings and soft LED lights to provide the perfect colour and feel to the venue.

There are plenty of flowers you can choose from during the spring. Tulips, peony, hydrangea, delphinium and daffodils just to name a few. Potted plants and spring flowers placed in centrepiece make charming table decor and will impress your guests.

Monsoon wedding theme:

Planning a monsoon wedding is very different from planning a wedding during the other seasons. A few extra precautions and greater planning is needed, especially for an outdoor wedding .Contrary to popular beliefs, it is possible to have a monsoon wedding. This season inspires different ideas and themes. It is best to choose a convertible or indoor venue to stay on the safe side. Flowers that can added to the monsoon themed wedding are hibiscuses, lilies, jasmines, gulmohars, plumeria and monsoon cassia.

An umbrella themed wedding is a fun way to capture the essence of monsoon. You can even hand the umbrellas upside down for a unique effect. As monsoon season usually begins from July through September, some wedding colours in August are shades of blue, purple and green. Blue represents water and green represents nature, so you can use motifs of trees, leaves, flora and fauna on satin silk fabric to create a nature themed background. Another endearing theme can be of paper boats, peacocks and raindrops. A peacock themed couch can be created for the bride and groom. A rainbow themed wedding will be memorable and wholesome for the guests. Ensure that all the decorations are waterproof and will be able to withstand rain and heavy winds, in case a downpour is to occur on the wedding day.

Summer themed weddings:  

Summer weddings are bright, intense, colourful and fun. Popular themes for summer weddings are beach or ocean themes, garden parties and rustic village themes. Orange, yellow, browns and peach are popular summer hues. If you are looking for a softer palette, try light blues or pink shades. Summer wedding decor must be light airy and fuss free. Hanging lanterns, fairy lights and sparklers can light up the night.  If it is a beach themed wedding, use seashells, bright corals, sand and sea glass in your centrepieces.

Metal or glass candle stands make brilliant centrepieces. Using mason jars as beverage glasses and straw runners and wooden decor complete the summer theme. The season of summer is also bursting with botanical beauties such as sunflowers, poppies, jasmine, dahlias and snapdragons. Summer fruits such as limes, oranges and lemons can be added to the centrepieces for additional fun. Potted citrus trees with lights hanging on them enhance the summer theme.

Weddings are all about happiness, love, togetherness. Consider matching your wedding theme with the season to make it even more memorable. The special effort you took will give something for your guess to talk about long after the wedding is over. Even management companies are the perfect resource people to give you the wedding decor of your dreams and create a perfect season themed wedding.




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