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Cool Décor Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Posted By Sudhir Bhatt

Jul 8, 2019

Colour your wedding with a new Meaning, use Décor Elements for a Scintillating Wedding.

In India, marriage is a day of rituals, culture and divinity.

The décor will play an integral part in setting a tone for the auspicious day.

I believe its high time the decoration part also holds some meaning in the entire look of the wedding scene.

Flowers are an indispensable part of the wedding scene.

The flower colour can convey a subtle message, for instance, if you choose pink -it is internationally regarded as the colour of love for self and everyone else around you.

It elaboratively combines facets of love, tranquillity, harmony and friendship.

Green is another vital colour; it represents, nature and environment.

It stands for natural energy, growth, fertility and freshness, all things natural.

White is a colour which can blend into both but not without sense, the colour says,

goodness, safety and innocence.

Create a fusion of all these elements and shades of feelings with these three colours, which perfectly fit the purpose of marriage.

Let the entrance be a combination of pink and white (Header Image).

Else create a flower curtain of pink and a stand of pink leaves with white flowers hidden in it, like below image:

You can also envelop the gate with bushes of green leaves along with white & pink flowers.

The walk-in pathway can be laden with flowers.

The mandap can be all white, like figure 5 and 6. The inside of the mandap can be white and pink flowers hanging upside down with a green stem (picture 7).

Flowers generate an instantly relaxed vibe for the hot summery atmosphere.

One can also use pink tassels for the mandap if you want to be a bit different, see picture 8.

For the believers in God’s grace, the mandap can have Devi’s silver chhatri as a blessing, check view 9.

Tree branches or tassels can be used to set up the entire roof of the venue, for reference (photo 10 and 11 respectively).

The seats can be marked with small and cute flower bunches (picture 12).

These are few variants you can adopt while honouring the true meaning of the occasion and union.

Simplicity is the call of the day; less is more-

it will lighten the mood and brighten the aura.

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