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Creative Jaimala (Varmala) Designs To Try out This Wedding Season

Posted By Rachel Ann Rodrigues

Apr 14, 2020

Image Source: Maya Flowers

The garlanding ceremony in a traditional Hindu wedding is called the Varmala or Jaimala Ceremeny. With evolving trends and change in fashion, the Varmal Ceremony has seen some transformation in both design and approach. From the basic floral designs to some really creative and refreshing designs, the jaimala has transformed and how.

We have brought you some amazing jaimala design options, some traditional some modern, for you to choose from.

Carnation varmalas:

You can take a hint from the most popular wedding of 2018, Deepika and Ranveer wore magnificent carnations that looked as designer as their wedding ensembles.

Rose varmalas:

This classic choice has been and will always be a wedding favourite. However, varmala designers are ditching the clichéd red rose varmala, and opting for more pastel and interesting hues. A popular trend spotted is pink rose varmalas, and they look on grooms as they do on brides.

Thai varmalas:  

Intricately woven, designer varmalas, just like how the Thai locals weave seem to be trending among the younger lot of couples.

Lotus varmala:

The flower that exudes royalty and elegance is the new chosen flower for Varmals and the breathtaking lotus radiates a magnificent aura, which makes the occasion even more special.

Foliage varmalas:

Times are changing, so are the jaimalas. Many couples are ditching flower varmalas to opt for foliage varmalas that are radiant and verdant.

Marigold varmalas:

Vibrant hues like orange and yellow are perfect for a summer wedding, and which better flowers than marigolds to do justice to the theme.

Gypsophila Varmalas:

White on white garlands is trending and they give the perfect elegant, minimalistic look.

Hawaii themes varmalas:

The pink and green Hawaiian ‘lei’ designs add fun, colour and contrast. They are sure to grab attention and praise.

Bling varmalas:

The flowers and leaves are all right, but what about adding some bling? Floral varmalas with mirror work, jewels and beads are pretty and in vogue.

His and Hers varmalas:

Usually Varmalas worn by the bride and groom are similar, however you can have a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ garlands.

Seashells garlands:

Okay, now this one is unique and less explored. You can step out of the box and wear varmalas made of seashells and exotic blooms. This is ideally suited for a beach theme wedding.

Many couples are colour coordinating their varmals with their outfits and you too can got the matching way, or be hatke and colour contrast.




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