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Groom Checklist For Wedding - Book My Wedding (BMW's) Groom's Guide

Posted By Amita Shrivastava

Apr 6, 2020

Wedding planning is done before marriage to make it the most memorable events of your and you would be's life and you need to do a checklist for each and everything precisely to fall as per your plan. Grooms are too excited about the marriage and with this, you are having loads of pressure while preparing for your marriage and you don’t have an idea how to make the best wedding arrangements ever. At each point of your marriage, you are making your list or a wish list that's about all the items which will be used at the time of the wedding. Below are some points which help the Groom to-do checklist for his wedding.


1. Make a list of Invitee & Invitation Addresses

Make a list of Invitee & Invitation Addresses

After finalization of your wedding day, Grooms should start to make the list of an invite along with their parents for the wedding card distribution. And start collecting the address of their relatives, friends who are going to make your wedding marvellous. Take the address by calling and asking your parents and married friends on how-to-do gather the information and make this list.


2. Plan The Honeymoon

plan the honeymoon

Every couple has a dream about their honeymoon so take it on priority and plan with your partner for the choice of destination as well as hotel booking and transport of your trip. Search on google for the place and the best exciting things to do activities as couples at that place. Plan some surprise for your bride to make your honeymoon more interesting as thrilling and romantic of course.


3. Arrange Wedding Transport

arrange wedding transport

Take care of your wedding car through which you plan to go to the wedding venue and take the bride back. It should be impressive and well decorated to give a full impression of you. Because every eye during your wedding will be on you as -"the Groom". Check out some wedding transport on the internet.


4. Guest's Stay


Although your wedding planner arranges all the venue accommodation it would be great if you search for some venue and suggest the same spots which are nearby to all guests and make them comfortable and enjoy and also match your price point. We ensure that the accommodation provides all the necessary items to guests without any hassle.


5. Wedding Music

wedding music

Music creates a good impact on your wedding so this work should be on the priority checklist of your wedding and get the music band booked with the DJ also to make your wedding enjoyable and arrange the music for all the different functions accordingly in order to make wedding functions more interesting.


6. Arrange the Wedding & Other Functions Dress with Accessories

arrange the wedding and other functions dress with accessories

The most important groom checklist for the wedding, without a proper arrangement of this your wedding would be incomplete, is that you have to select and choose all the ceremony dresses with matching color & look according to the functions like the Haldi function on you can wear the yellow-coloured dresses. And select the wedding dress matching with your partner to make the couple more appealing on the stage of on your wedding day. And don’t forget to take care of your footwear also and other wearing accessories on your wedding.


7. Arranging Wedding Day Cash Payments

arrange the wedding other functions dress with accessories

You should arrange for cash in hands on the wedding day because on the wedding date vendors will need their payments. So, prepare a list of vendors for the payments and make an envelope and insert the money and label these envelopes to give to the vendors. Also, carry some cash in your pocket to give money to bride sisters at the ceremony of Juta Churai.In case you are not able to take cash in your hand then arrange one reliable person to carry the cash.


8. Select Photographers & Videographers

wedding photographer

To capture all your wedding lovely moments you need to appoint photographers and videographers. Search some photographers and videographers and see their photos and videos work and then select the best photographers and videographers who will capture all your wedding moment picture perfect.


9. Plan the Cocktail, Bachelor party & Bar

wedding bachelor party

Your wedding will be incomplete without the Cocktail party, a Bachelors’ party and Bar for your guests will add the spice to it. Choose some signature cocktails on the wedding day to impress your guests. Before this is an important groom checklist for the wedding to arrange for the cocktail, bachelor party, and bar for some other ceremonies.


10. Purchase Groomsmen Gifts

It would be a great idea to arrange a gift for your guests, friends who come to attend your wedding. Take care of your pocket and purchase the gifts accordingly. This gift should be some memorable mementos.

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