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How the Corona Pandemic Will affect your Wedding Planning

Posted By Seraj Ahmed

Apr 2, 2020


There is a mutual mood for panic in India amid the corona virus outbreak. After the appeal for a three-week long nationwide lockdown by the Prime Minister, all the daily activities have come to an uncanny halt. People only go out of their homes for essential services needed for sustenance.

In the midst of this, the global economy has collapsed upon the absence of the working class. One of the industries that fall under the affected umbrella is the wedding industry in India. It is a clear fact that weddings in India are an auspicious affair. They are a display of grandeur, a token to remember by all your life. As such, Indians do not shy away from spending a large sum for their wedding functions.

But the question now arises, how will people go through with a wedding during pandemic? From their perspective, it is natural to feel helpless. To postpone the event could mean a giant loss of money. On 13th March, 2020, the government issued a circular ordering a ban against booking wedding halls for the function. The circular also stated that if anyone booked the venue prior to the issuing of the circular, they will allow the wedding. The condition was that the guest list should not exceed a stringent limit of a hundred people.

But after the announcement by the Prime Minister, everything seems blurry. There are many questions they can ask now. Can they go through with the wedding amid the lockdown? If so, will it be advisable by health standards? How many guests should we invite, if any at all?

The following article will guide you through the questions. Here’s what you can do if you have scheduled a wedding during corona virus:


Postpone, if you can.

The government took a stringent action against the spread of the corona effect last week. The Prime Minister ordered a nationwide curfew for three weeks. Although, the lockdown dates till mid-April, we can most definitely assume that the date will extend with time.
The cops patrol the streets to install the curfew with precision. They don’t allow anyone to be out of their homes for any reason but to shop for essentials. In this climate, it has become almost impossible for people to travel from one city to another. The officials have even barred intra-city transportation.
So, how then can we implement a wedding during such times? The truth is, we most definitely will not be able to. It is an obligation now to postpone all weddings that were scheduled to happen during the weeks of lockdown.


Complete the ceremony with a simple registration.

Now, if you are adamant that you cannot postpone your wedding day. If you think that you have waited for long enough to be with the love of your life, there is a simple solution. People can opt for either of the two pathways:

Marriage by registration.

The Marriage Act of India gives its citizens the liberty to register for their marriage online. Selective states offer this kind of freedom, where the citizens can apply for their marriage online using scanned copies of appropriate documents.

So, it is a good alternative if you cannot wait for the commencement of your marriage amid the corona virus outburst.


An in-door function.

If an online application for marriage does not appeal to you, you can go for a different approach. It is not the idea of a wedding function that is problematic. It is the approach. In order to carry out a wedding as we normally would, a lot of social interaction is necessary. This is the reason why health experts and government frown upon the idea of a wedding during pandemic.

You can nevertheless conduct a function amid the safety of your own house. You will not be able to invite any guests, but you will have all your loved ones with you. Besides, you will have the love of your life with you, which is the most important thing.


Cancel any prior-bookings

India is a wedding-centric country. You have to book wedding venues months before it actually takes place. So, there is a huge change that some people might have made prior bookings before the outburst of the global pandemic.
So, if by any chance, you still hope that the dust will settle by the time your wedding date arrives, you should stop. Nothing is clear right now. It could go on for months, and for a whole year. If you do not cancel your bookings, it might prove to be expensive for you. Besides, if you keep on waiting, there might come a time when you won’t be able to cancel your booking arrangements.


These are some of the safe ways to deal with your wedding during the corona virus outbreak. However, if you still plan to host a proper function for you and your partner, you will need to keep several things in mind. From your guest lists, wedding gifts, and even outfit, the recent pandemic will affect your wedding function in a variety of ways. Let’s find out how.


Guest list:
If you want to conduct your wedding function, it is necessary that you minimize the length of the guest-list. The government had already banned a social gathering of more than 100 people at one place. Despite this, many people violated the strict orders for their wedding. But it is not safe – not for you, and not for any of your guests. Here’s a few things that you need to keep in mind while you create your guest-list.


Invite only intra-city relatives and friends.

Considering it is difficult even to engage in city-wide transportation and commutation, it is almost impossible to travel across cities. Even if your relatives from other cities somehow manage to come, they will bring with them a risk of spreading the infection. Therefore, it is advisable that you invite only those who wouldn’t need to travel a lot.

Spare the children and the elderly

Medical experts claim that the children and the elderly are prone to corona virus. Therefore, you should allow them to stay within the comfort of their homes. If need be, you can live-stream the proceedings to include the important, elder members of your family.

Sanitation facilities

You will need to ensure that the venue is thoroughly clean. Hand sanitizers should be available at all the entry points, and it should be compulsory for all the visitors to clean their hands before drinking. Moreover, you should enforce a strict policy against public displays of affection such as hugging.


As corona virus is spread through respiratory droplets, you won’t need to change your outfit a lot. A general recommendation would be to provide masks and safety goggles to all the willing visitors, just as a precaution.

This article has covered, at length, the entire implications that the corona virus pandemic could have on your wedding function. While it is natural to feel frustrated about the timing of the panic, we must understand that the situation is out of our hands. The wisest option would be to hold off your wedding until the dust settles. We urge you to stay safe and considerate. 




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