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How To Design A Wedding Invitation Card: Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Posted By Yashvini Bhatt

Sep 8, 2019

The wedding card is one of the first things that goes out to the guests and makes an impression for the events that follow.

In today’s world, a lot of experimentation and thought goes into creating a perfect wedding card for the occasion.

Let’s crack into the details of its making –

Practicality – One of the most prior aspects of designing a wedding card is its size. Select a size that suits your taste, fits in all the things you want to say and can be posted quickly. You can get in touch with listed vendors on bookmywedding.in for guidance.

Wedding Card

Wedding card design can have a wide range of choices -

Personal – This is reserved for all the special guests, meaning the intimate family members. The card can be designed with a personal touch. For instance, you can send out handwritten invitations to these families. Another idea is to take some beautiful pictures of them from any of the social media accounts and stick their views on the family invitation.

personal wedding card

Art Style – The artistic flavour of your invitation can either be contemporary, traditional, fusion or a quirky one. There are these new styles where doodles of ceremonies or couples are created by the artist. The trend has picked up in the west, here as well many couples are opting for it. An illustrative image has been displayed. It will be a fun and cute card.

creative wedding card

Traditional --- If you are looking for something classic traditional with Lord Ganesh, then go minimalistic. Colors and design everything cut down to the least. There are quirky options, where a leaf looking card can be written, or roll-outs like in the olden days used by kings. Adopt the secret, and less is more, use fewer words, lesser design and, colors, it will click well with guests. I hope these ideas work for you!

Traditional Wedding Card

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