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How to Win The Famous “Joota Chhupai Rasam” : For Bride's and Groom's Side

Posted By Aparna Kulkarni

Apr 5, 2020

Joota Chupai is one of the most exciting wedding rituals in an Indian Wedding where the Saalis or the Bridesmaids hide the grooms shoes and get money or rewards in return. Trust us, there literally are people who attend marriages just to experience the Joota Chupai competition and see who wins.

This Rasam is not just important for the girl’s side who keeps on hunting for the shoes, but also for the boy’s side that try their best to hide the Jootas without anyone noticing them! Here are some legit Joota Chupai Tips for a heated up competition that will actually challenge your competitors and boost up your chances of winning!


Make a squad beforehand

Groom’s Side:

Well, all of us keep on assuming that someone from us will hide the shoes. But in the last minute everyone’s busy with either makeup or preparations & arrangements. While some others are just busy living the moment. Eventually, we all forget it and lose the game. So, its better to make a team beforehand for the task.

Bride’s Side:

Let the children in your family take charge of getting the shoes. You'll be astounded to see at how quick & efficient these little kids can be! They can get under seats and tables and follow all your orders properly, if trained well. And the best part is that no one will doubt them.


The Shoe Switch

Groom’s Side:

One of the easiest way to win Joota Chupai is to buy similar pair of shoes and mark the groom shoes with a small mark. Replace the shoes as soon as the groom removes them, if you get even a minute late, you may loose it all.

Bride’s Side:

Never forget to demand to take snaps of groom’s shoes in front of everyone. This has to be done from all the angles and will ensure that everything is well documented. Once you steal the shoes, verify it properly, check for even small marks.


Get some people on your side

May it be the bride’s side or groom’ side, you will need to take some people whom no one can ever doubt, on your side. Look for a trustworthy person who will not ditch you in the end. You can either get the photographers, or the decoration person or the Pandit Ji on your side. Trust us; they can help you execute the plan more safely and smoothly!


      Friends or Flirt

      Groom’s Side:

Well, no one would expect that you will flirt with your competitors. But this will truly help you to keep an eye on their whereabouts and your little friendship can help them gain a trust on you, which you can make use of to distract them later.

Bride’s Side:

The bride’s team has to do the most challenging piece of work of hiding the shoes. You will need to flirt or at least be friends with someone from the groom’s team to know their plan and maybe even sign a deal to share the profit once they steal for you.


Hide them Well

Groom’s Side:

Joota Chupai Rasam will only work for you if you hide the real shoes before they can even reach it. Well, you can hide it at places where people least expect it. The Mithai Box, Just Below The Stage, The Vidaai Car, Someone’s Purse, Below The Food Stall, or even In The Bridal Room.

Bride’s Side:

Once you snatch the Joote from above tricks, all you need to do is hide them well. Now you know that the groom team will keep searching for the shoes until the Pheras get over, so one of you can just wear it. This is the easiest Joota Chupai Trick. The bride herself can wear it(Funny Right!) or any girl with a long Lehenga, the bride or groom’s father or some old person in the family whom nobody will doubt.


If you like any of these tricks or have any tips in mind, contact us and let us know!!!

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