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Ideas that can help you while choosing a perfect Wedding Caterer

Posted By Amin Gani

Sep 24, 2019

Choosing a caterer for your wedding can be a tricky job especially since not everyone can fulfill your special requirements and demands.

You will require a caterer that is not only experienced and good at his job but who can also suggest the most delicious dishes and sweets at the best possible rates.

The menu not only needs to be perfect but it must also accommodate all the varieties in a way that it won’t hurt your pocket.

These are the tips that you can follow while choosing an ideal wedding caterer:

Cost per Person

Most of the wedding caterers finalize the cost per person based on the total number of guests who will be attending your wedding.

Some caterers also provide a discount if more people are attending the wedding.

Therefore, it is better to discuss these numbers beforehand to avoid any confusion later on.

Customize the Budget

An ideal wedding caterer not only provides suggestions about the dishes but also allows you to customize the menu as per the budget.

Therefore, if the per plate cost is too much for you then you can ask the caterer to replace a few expensive food items from the plate.

For example, prawns can be replaced with fishes if the caterer agrees to lower the cost per plate after the replacement.

Versatile Caterer

If different types of people are attending your wedding then you will need to prepare various types of dishes as well.

Therefore, if non-vegetarians, vegetarians and even vegans are attending your wedding then you should ask the caterer if he or she will be able

to accommodate the dietary requirements and tastes of these people.

Also, you can ask the caterer if he would be willing to prepare different types of menus according to the taste preferences of people in the given


Choose a particular Serving Style

There are three basic serving styles viz. food stations, buffet meals, and total service meal.

Though total service meal serving style would be the ideal option for most people, it could get a little costly.

Therefore, understand the cost per plate based on the serving style and choose a particular style as per your comfort and requirements.

Ask questions

It is necessary to ask some important questions before finalizing a caterer for your wedding.

The most important thing is to ask whether the caterer has a license.

After that, you can ask which services are included in their fees and also confirm whether the caterer agrees for preparing a sample menu for


These are the tips that you can use while choosing a perfect wedding caterer. 

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