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Information about Seasons and Dates which are considered to be best for Weddings in India

Posted By Amin Gani

Sep 20, 2019

Many individuals believe that there is no specific wedding season as you marry on a date which is convenient for you.

However, traditional Indian weddings and especially the Hindu weddings are planned months ago as they ask the Brahmin pundits to provide the perfect tithi and muhurta i.e. date and timing as per the ‘Panchang' i.e. the Hindu calendar.

Apart from that, several things such as climate, holidays, etc. need to be considered to choose a favorable date for the wedding.

Let us see some of the best wedding seasons in India based on some key aspects:


Everyone is busy these days and wedding celebrations often require many days or even a week at times.

Therefore, the families try to fix a date on which everyone can take a holiday.

Kids are mostly busy with their exams so keeping the wedding date in Diwali or summer vacations would be suitable especially when the kids attending the wedding are closely related to the bride or the groom.


Climate is a key factor as nobody would want their wedding day to be dull or inaccessible due to rains, snow or storms.

Some people like a few drizzles on their wedding day but the climate is never predictable.

Therefore, it is better to fix a date which is safe from a climate point of view.

Popular dates

Some people especially the romantic ones try to be hitched on a special day.

Therefore, they tend to choose special dates such as Valentine day, Friendship day, New Year's Eve, Christmas, etc. for their wedding.

Some people might also like to fix the wedding date on the birthday of either the bride or groom as per the convenience.


If you fix your wedding in the peak wedding season which usually starts from last weeks of April and ends in the first weeks of June, then probably someone else from your family or friends might be marrying on the same date or even somewhere around your date.

Therefore, you would like to isolate your wedding date so that everyone can attend your wedding without any confusion.

Moreover, if you marry in the off-season then you also get the benefit of discounts on many of the services.

The wedding offseason usually lies between the closing weeks of February to the starting weeks of April.

Traditional dates

Some dates cannot be used for marriages in India as these dates are either festival dates or traditional days.

Some days are also considered to be unsuitable for weddings. For example, Pitru Paksha is a 16 days period that is devoted to the ancestors in the Hindu religion.

These dates are not only suitable for marriages but even deciding a date, showing horoscopes of the bride and groom to see if they are matching or any other activity related to marriage is not allowed.

Muslims refrain from marriage in the first month of Muharram and Christian avoid Lent period when it comes to marriage dates.

Similarly, there are many other dates in different religions that are excluded from the best wedding seasons in India.

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