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ISHqkiANCH – Narrating the Journey of Love from Proposal to Wedding

Posted By Jennie Kakkad

Aug 4, 2020

The story narrates the journey of love shared between Anchal and Nitish, lovers who took the way of heart to mingle with each other and ignite their love with the nuptial knot.

The story narrates the journey of love shared between Anchal and Nitish, lovers who took the way of heart to mingle with each other and ignite their love with the nuptial knot.

It all looks like a fairy tale, a tale of the prince and princess where love is all around and all happiness lingers on in the air. The story started with introducing each other by a common friend on New Year’s Eve at the camping site. Who knew the New Year will turn into a lifetime of love and romance.

The first introduction itself, Anchal and Nitish experienced intimacy and a connection between them.  It was like a feeling of knowing each other for ages; like the feeling of a whirlwind romance that was yet to be discovered. After departing from the camping site, the two started conversing with each other living a long-distance relationship between Kozhikode and Bangalore. With each passing day, the conversation became intimate, the bonding became stronger, and the emotions got deeper. Months of weekend trips, hours of phone calls, and 25th birthday surprises finally made up to their undying decision to get married to each other. And that’s what they finally did.

nitish anchal anchal

So, here comes the unfolding of the wedding festivities with an inspiring hashtag #ISHqkiANCH.

Anchal and Nitish's wedding was a 3-day celebration power-packed with all the thrill, excitement, love, emotions, romance, and fun-filled memories. The first day was a dreamy F.R.I.E.N.D.S-themed proposal at JW Marriott, Bangalore to ignite the flame of love that was until the date a long-distance relationship. Friends and relatives were bliss to have and a blessing in disguise when the two love birds were finally taking the first step towards their eternal journey of love.

This beautiful beginning was followed by a 2-day ceremony in Patiala, 19th April & 20th April 2019. It was a pure Punjabi wedding showcasing the richness of Punjabi culture and tradition. The wedding attire, wedding jewelry, creative concepts, striking décor, and the authentic Punjabi food; all was a sheer reflection of Punjabi tradition.

Anchal’s father has a farmhouse in Patiala with beautiful landscaped gardens and sprawling poolside lawns. This proved to be a perfect wedding venue for the wedding planner and was placed a confirmation stamp by both the families involved. The first ceremony was the colorful fun-filled Mehndi. This was followed by the actual pheras where the couple takes the wedding vows under the starry skies and then the bidai where the darkness is about to meet the dawn, just like the bride leaving her childhood memories to melt into the arms of her love, Nitish, and seamlessly blend in with the ocean of love. The entire celebration was so memorable with a clear reflection of the beautiful love story in each aspect.

anchal nitish wedding

With such a memorable and grandeur wedding celebration, often a thought comes to mind, who was the wedding planner who paved way for such a royal wedding? Would be surprised to know, the wedding planner was none other thanISHqkiANCH. Still, guessing? Yes, the planners were Anchal and Nitish, who together took the responsibility for their wedding. Starting from the wedding décor ideas and photography ideas to matching outfits and choreographers, each initiative was taken into consideration by the couple. They even designed their own wedding invitation cards, travel cards, itineraries, bridesmaids’ boxes, etc. in the most beautiful and inspiring way. That was just the way Anchal and Nitish are, full of love and so imparted love in all possible ways.

In the 2-day celebration at Patiala, Anchal and Nitish lived each moment of their stupendous efforts of a dream wedding turning into a royal grandeur wedding reality. They made the best choice with the most selective stellar vendors:

  • The wedding venue was the own beautiful farmhouse in Patiala
  • Wedding decoration beautifully arranged and executed by Khan Brothers.
  • Wedding photography turning all exciting moments into memories done by Bajaj Studios
  • The wedding choreographer who tirelessly worked to make us perfect on the wedding dance stage was Puneet
  • The wedding makeup artists who highlighted Anchal's features and made her look even more stunning and elegant on her special day was Divya Arora

wedding ceremony???????

It was just a perfect wedding planning where perfection was imbued with a sense of passion, and serenity. And there begins a new phase of their life together, Anchal and Nitish together in an eternal bond of selfless love, warmth, care, and respect.

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