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Kavya Locks Pranav Down - My Story of an Exciting Lockdown Wedding

Posted By Jennie Kakkad

Aug 4, 2020

Marriages are the most beautiful moments of life that we all love to cherish.

Marriages are the most beautiful moments of life that we all love to cherish. Moreover, a big fat wedding is a dream for all. And so, for me. But sadly, I could not live that dream on my wedding day. I could not let my dearest friends accompany me as bridesmaids, I could not let my relatives be a part of the blessings I wanted to receive, I could not let my colleagues involved in my wedding celebrations and the worst thing I could not go places for my wedding shopping. Certainly, it is saddening but finding joys in the sorrows is what life is all about. Isn’t it? And I did the same!

I made my wedding a day to remember for ages, I made my wedding a day to cherish for all generations. Today, when I am married, I am happily able to state that I made my wedding the most exciting lockdown wedding. Limited access to shopping, limited venue options, and of course with a limited number of wedding guests, my wedding was the ‘D’ day.

pranav kavya

A Prank Turning into Reality

As you all know the wedding ceremony is filled with joys, excitement, and loads of fun. One such moment of fun was the prank played by my finance’s cousin for our wedding. The prank was played around the current situation of the corona pandemic that was influencing our wedding dates. However, soon the reality of the prank came to our notice. Our parents were worried that the situation may get worst in the days ahead so they thought of preponed our wedding date. It all started with a phone call on 31st May 2020 and then the wedding date was finalized to 29th June 2020. It was just a month in hand but a world full of responsibilities to shoulder in that short time. However, the end was satisfying and enjoyable, unique in its own way.

wedding outfit bridal lehenga

Kavya and Pranav Sharing the Bond

I, Kavya, working in AIIMS Rishikesh in the HR department, and my husband, Pranav, a microscope and lens manufacturer, together started visualizing our wedding as a fairy tale where the prince comes riding on a horse and take the princess away in just a blink of an eye. The same happened to us. The scintillating love, romance in our hearts, emotions digging dip, and excitement of getting into the ‘New Normal of the Wedding Trends’; was driven by our wedding planning thoughtfully taken care of by our wedding planner.

Wedding Shopping Infused with Uncertainty

When the dates were finalized and I was all set to start my wedding shopping, there was the fear of uncertainty. Everything was so uncertain as I was from Rishikesh and not much was available there when we actually talk about interesting shopping. Somehow, everything started falling into place.

At first, I started contacting designers across the country to get my wedding attire. I got my engagement outfit from Dolly J and my wedding lehenga from PayaKeyal. Rust Persian white Mughal theme lehenga from PayalKeyal designer lehenga has always been my dream and luckily, I finalized the dress after 30 minutes of my conversation. Talking about Dolly J, she was also in my mind for a long and could make to get a mauve gown from her as well. The most surprising and maybe shocking for some was that I bought my wedding jewelry before my dress because I had limited options. However, when the dress and jewelry came together it complemented each other flawlessly and beautifully. Now, it seemed to be a perfect moment because I was satisfied with the shopping.

The venue of Our Choice

After shopping, the major concern was the wedding venue because there too we had limited options. One fine day we could manage to book JW Marriot Chandigarh for our wedding with only our immediate family.

Decoding the Secret of Our Lockdown Wedding

Recasting the idea of a big fat wedding, our wedding turned to a small-scale wedding but loads of exciting stories to share and experience. Never thought that a lockdown wedding can also be so satisfying. Thanks to all my designers who gave me the best attire, our photographer who made every moment a memory to cherish through the photographic lens, the entire team of JW Marriot that at the last moment accepted our bookings, and of course all those who in some way or the other supported us in our special and unique journey of initiating our love story.

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