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Most Sought after Engagement Ring designs for Bride

Posted By Pragati Tiwari

Sep 22, 2019

Fashion trends change occasionally when it comes to jewelry designs and patterns.

However, when it comes to the engagement rings some designs are immortal and classic whereas new designs do trend occasionally.

Usually, studded diamond rings are preferred for brides and the rings are generally made up of gold, platinum or silver.

Gold rings have a greater demand in India than rings made from other precious metals since gold is considered to be auspicious for ceremonies.

Today, we will see popular engagement ring designs for an Indian bride:

Big Rock design

Big Rock Design RingBig Rock Design Ring 2

In this type of design, small stones surround the center of the ring and a big diamond is placed at the center.

It looks stunning and the gold bank is almost invisible at the bottom.

Such ring designs are ideal for brides who want to flaunt a glittering look at the engagement ceremony.

Plain Rings

Plain Engagement Rings

Plain rings are not always preferred especially when it comes to engagement rings for brides.

However, a plain ring always gives you the space to inscribe a special message for your loved one.

Elegant think ring bands are meant for a bride whereas thicker ones are meant for the groom.

You can also choose a thin band ring with few stones integrated seamlessly in its design.

Heart-Shaped Ring

Heart-Shaped Ring

Heart-shaped rings are all-time favorites when it comes to engagement rings.

Ruby studded or diamond-studded heart-shaped rings are chosen for brides and these rings might be a tad on the costlier side.

However, nothing matters more than a beautiful ring that can make you look like a princess on your special day!

Dual-band Rings

Dual-band Rings

Dual-band rings are also in trend these days as this design adds a touch of elegance and style to your engagement rings.

The dual bands can either run parallel to each other intersected by stone-studded parts or else one band can overlap the other making a crown shape near the center of the ring.

Usually, diamond or any other precious stone is placed at the center to make the engagement ring look more special.

Pearl Rings

Pearl Rings

Pearls are occasionally used in engagement rings but pearl rings are only meant for brides.

Also, pearls mostly look spectacular in simple and plain bands or curvy bands can be used to make it look unique.

A silver band complements the charm of the pearls and suits your pockets as well.

Butterfly Design

Butterfly Design Ring

A plain ring with a cute butterfly integrated seamlessly in its design can be the perfect engagement ring for a bride.

The butterfly can be detailed with rubies, emeralds or any other precious stone to give it a charming look.

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