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Music for weddings – what to play and when to play it

Posted By Seraj Ahmed

Sep 8, 2019

Indian weddings are incomplete without the lively wedding music that sets the mood of the guests’ right.

Image Courtsey: Craftsvilla.com

Indian weddings are always celebrated in a pompous and grand way.

However, it is also important to choose the perfect wedding music or it might prove to be a mood spoiler for your guests.

Moreover, if you have included a couple of dance or any other dance form at the wedding then you might require the services of a DJ.

If you are planning for a traditional Indian wedding then these music pieces might prove to be the perfect choice for you:


Shehnai is the traditional Indian music instrument that defines the festive mood of Indian weddings.

You can either play a CD track containing the instrumental music of Shehnai or you can invite a Shehnai player for displaying his skills in front of the audience.

However, considering the scarcity of the Shehnai players and the price that they would demand for performing, it would be better to stick to the idea of the wedding music CD.

Also, you would like to turn on the track only during special ceremonies to avoid the monotony.

Folk music

India is a heterogeneous mix of cultures and the folk culture also vary from state to state.

Therefore, you can invite folk artists to play a rendition of their folk culture at weddings.

This will not only make your weddings unique but it will also keep the guests engaged for some time.

A small piece of classical dance in between can also be arranged to keep the guests away from boredom.

Mehendi songs

For the Mehendi ceremony, traditional Indian instruments like dholak are played.

The female relatives sing songs that have been sung in their families from generations.

CDs of these songs are also available in case you want to bring that exuberance during your Mehendi ceremony.

Dance numbers

Dance numbers are a must in Indian weddings especially when the bridegroom arrives at the wedding venue with a procession that comprises of his friends and relatives.

These friends and relatives dance on peppy numbers as the bridegroom enters the wedding venue on a horse.

Usually, some of the friends play these songs on huge speakers but sometimes DJ is also booked for making it more fun and entertaining for the dancers and spectators.

Vidaai music

Even though it is not compulsory, some people like to play dramatic vidaai songs after the completion of all the marriage ceremonies.

Some people find these songs too filmy and cliché. However, you can play an instrumental piece of the vidaai songs to keep it real and subtle at the same time.

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