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Rustic wedding Ideas For Indian Wedding

Posted By Shreya Sinha

Dec 18, 2020

"The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings; Be willing to change with this beautiful Rustic Wedding Ideas"

A Rustic Wedding theme plays a very important role in keeping a good and emotional vibe among the couples. There are various ways adopted for a wedding like a vintage style and a rustic wedding. A Rustic Wedding is however becoming popular in the sense that it is the easiest way to perform giving a splendid outlook. It's normally held at a country house venue like in a barn style which looks somewhat like a farmhouse. Barns lend themselves to the rustic theme with their neutral color palettes, beautiful settings, and a natural feel. What one has to choose is an old timber rickety barn which provides a romantic ambience and a perfect backdrop for the napituals. A rustic wedding has been in vogue over the last few years having a theme of a strong country, garden, farms like influence featuring barks, various organic materials, and fibers. Rustic weddings are somewhat casual and are often held at barns, farms, mountain lodges, and ranches. It is decorated with wood, burlap, wildflowers, fruits to give it a perfect blend of rustic colors and aroma. This can be the trendy theme for Indian Weddings

A Rustic Wedding is often confused with a vintage wedding. While the rustic theme focuses on natural elements and the great outdoors, the vintage wedding draws its inspiration from times gone by with an antique Victorian flavor to them. In a rustic wedding, mason jars full of wildflowers, burlap table runners are preferred, in the vintage style wedding, antique crockery, lace table cloths, and vintage vases are used.
There are no hard and fast rules to choose a rustic wedding theme but we have to pick a suitable venue to give an amazing start to the rustic wedding. Though any venue can be given a rustic look, a real barn, loft, and garden venue can lend a natural look with suitable outdoors with more authenticity than that which gives a rustic approach to the weddings. Some of the places you wish to choose are barns, farmhouses, breweries with their gardens, mountains, and lakesides venues which abound in different colors and shades. 

Here are some pictures to get some Ideas for Your Rustic Wedding Theme:

rustic wedding theme ideas for indian wedding book my wedding rustic wedding theme ideas book my wedding

A Rustic Wedding Card can be stunning in its simplicity! This is the perfect way to introduce your rustic themed wedding to your guests.


rustic wedding theme cake for indian wedding book my wedding rustic wedding cake

Rustic wedding cakes are great options that will wow your guests.

The best thing about rustic wedding cakes is that they are always imperfectly perfect. Nothing is carefully placed and it seems simple.

From naked cakes to fresh floral cakes, you can make your rustic wedding cakes rock.!


rustic wedding theme ideas for indian wedding book my wedding rustic wedding couple indian wedding book my wedding

 A rustic wedding is a beautiful wedding theme to choose from, because it gives the couple so much flexibility with the look and feels.

The classic rustic wedding theme centers around rustic wedding decorations such as birch vases, mason jars, barn wedding venues all while being surrounded by nature.

Grooms appear fit and fine by wearing tweed suits and loose blazers in favor of a waistcoat while brides can opt for a soft romantic gown.

rustic wedding theme ideas book my wedding rustic indian wedding book my wedding

A rustic table setting is cozy, relaxed, and laid-back, and you can easily create your own look according to the theme, colors, and your preferences.

You can use no tablecloth and just highlight the beauty of the stained wood of your table. 

Or You can also use a table runner to style it with florals and rustic dining ware.


rustic indian wedding book my wedding rustic wedding theme ideas for indian wedding book my wedding

From the simple wood backdrop to very elaborate ones we are seeing couples make their rustic wedding ceremony stand out with a wooden backdrop.

Many times a couple will add some decor items to the wood arch to “dress it up” for the wedding day.

Adding drapery, flowers, greenery, or even a monogram can all make the wood arch perfect for your wedding day.


rustic indian wedding book my wedding rustic wedding theme ideas for indian wedding book my wedding

It’s all about the decorations! 

Having a rustic wedding or a country wedding can be wonderful but decorating one can be a bit more of a challenge. There are many wonderful country wedding decorations that we put together for what we think are some of the best in the breed for when planning your wedding!

Rustic wedding theme ideas for an Indian wedding are however should be more casual and relaxed affairs which can be well reflected through attires used on the occasion.
On such occasions, serving simple but delicious food is equally important. Prefer home-style cooking to suit the purpose. Three times meal is always a bonus. Look for the caterers who can cook up some simple lovely traditional food items that will be in keeping with the rustic theme or style. Mac and cheese, roasted chicken, pasta salad served with baked loaves of bread are usually used by the caterers. 

DIY elements consisting of gluing, tying and stitching can lend a great aroma to your rustic weddings.
For a rustic wedding theme, you have to choose a great venue using suitable decor, home-style cooking, and a simple relaxed dress code.


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