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Smart Engagement Day Ideas

Posted By Amin Gani

Jan 14, 2020

If you truly want to make your engagement special then you can use some smart and interesting engagement day ideas.

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Engagement is considered to be the first step towards your marriage. Therefore, you must ensure that it stays in the memory of those who have attended it for a long time. Typical Indian engagements are traditional and can be boring most of the time. If you truly want to make it special then you can use some smart and interesting engagement day ideas.

Today, we will share some ideas that will not only make your relatives and friends warm but

they will also enhance its uniqueness and turn it into a historic event at least for your family members!


Turn it into propose day

engagement day ideas

To make the engagement day of your friend, sibling, or cousin special, turn it into a proposed day.

Let the groom propose the bride first and allow him to put a ring in her finger only when she is impressed by his persuasive skills.

Similarly, even the bride can propose to the groom if she wishes to make the event full of smiles and laughter.


Shower petals on them

engagement day

Shower rose petals over the bride and the groom after the completion of the ceremony.

Also, to make it more interesting, shower floral petals and perfume everywhere in the venue

and turn your simple engagement into a grand party!


Hide the ring!

engagement day tips

The engagement ring is the most special thing in the engagement ceremony.

Therefore, hide it at the least expected place and give clues that lead one upon another.

Finally, when all the puzzles are solved give the final clue to the location of an engagement ring.

Both the bride and groom's family can take turns and the side that wins will get a special gift or

will get a chance to decide the bribe amount to reveal the secret location.


Poolside engagement

poolside engagement ceremony

You can arrange your engagement ceremony beside a pool where

you can make a special arrangement for the seating of guests and relatives.

You can also ask the guests to wear swimming costumes or bikinis if they are comfortable with that.

Finally, when everything is done, the engagement ceremony can be completed in the pool itself

and the guests can shower petals or garlands over the couple to give it a perfect ending!


Amidst nature

engagement in lawn

If nature inspires you then you plan your engagement ceremony deep inside a forest

in the woods where only your special people will be present.

Arrange a small after-party after the event but ensure the safety of your guests in every which way you can to make them feel secure.

These were the interesting engagement day ideas that can make your engagement ceremony special.


If you want to explore more ideas then you can check this link -


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