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Some Cool and Interesting Wedding return Gift Ideas

Posted By Seraj Ahmed

Sep 18, 2019

Wedding is the most special event of our lives and for we look forward to make it memorable for everyone.

One of the unique ideas to make your wedding memorable is giving wedding return gifts to your friends and relatives.

Some people might find it a bit weird to give gifts on the day when they expect gifts for themselves but all we can say that it is a good gesture to give returns gifts.

Return gifts like silver coins with imprints of gods, sweets packets, etc. have become old ideas and you would like to give something out of the box to your guests.

Here are some of the unique and best wedding return gift ideas:

Perfumed candles

Candles that have a soothing effervescence can prove to be a good wedding return gift.

These candles will not only light up the rooms of your guests but their unique fragrance will make them remember how special your wedding was.

Bowl set with tray

If you want to gift something useful and special to your guests then a bowl set with tray can be a good pick.

Gold and silver-plated bowl-tray sets are available at an affordable price and prove to be royal wedding return gifts.

Premium glass set

Glasses with elegant designs especially those made of gold or silver plating can be a smart choice for a wedding gift.

Designer glasses with intricate detailing are available and sometimes they also accompanied by a small tray.


You can gift an enchanting fragrance to your guests on your wedding day by giving them scents bottled in stylish glass bottles.

These scent bottles come in mesmerizing variants like jasmine, rose, lavender, etc. and a small-sized bottle will easily accommodate your budget for the wedding return gift.

Dry-fruit box

We all love dry fruits and presenting them as a return gift on your wedding might prove a smart idea.

A couple of dry fruits sachets packed in elegant golden or brass plated metal boxes would do the trick and your guests will certainly appreciate your warm gesture.

Pooja Thal

If it is a Hindu wedding then nothing would prove better than a ‘Pooja Thal’. 

It comprises a thal and other essentials such as small lamps, tiny bowls for turmeric and kumkum, a handbell, etc.

Nobody will dislike this gift as it is not only auspicious but also shows that you have taken effort to research on the wedding gift ideas.

These were some best wedding return gift ideas that you could use to gift a wedding return gift to your guests.

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