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Ten exciting dishes for Wedding from the land of diversity …. India

Posted By Yashvini Bhatt

Sep 8, 2019

Check out food items from various parts of the country, which can be a part ofyour wedding menu.

The ten best food selections from varied delicacies of our vibrant Indian culture that can be served in a wedding function.

  1. Locho – Locho is a Gujarati snack, a steamed, item from Surat. It is prepared with gram flour. It tastes delicious and something close to Khaman, can be served for breakfast, it will be authentic but unique.


  1. Pyaaz kachori- A kachori, made with onions, potatoes and spices fillings. This can be a side dish, served with sweet and sour tamarind chutney — the taste of Rajasthan.


  1. Paneer Sabzi–Paneer is a prevalentingredient, nothing can beat that, especially at a North Indian Punjabi wedding. It can be either the popular kadhai paneer else try paneer KalimirchSabzi, a simple preparation with pepper, paneer, curd and other ingredients.


  1. Dal Bati Churma- It is a staple, Rajasthani food, very filling, with the dals and ghee. TheBatiscan be served hot and fresh, combined with ghee and Panchkuti dal. The dal is a blend of five types of dals.


  1. Butter Chicken–For non-vegetarian cuisine, achicken item is most preferredon a marriage menu. Chicken cooked in tandoor with simple curry along with butter. Cream and different spices will seal the deal.


  1. Dahi Baingan-   Brinjal is fried in oil and dipped in the curd.  Onion and garlic paste can be added, to spice it up — a great dish of Orissa cultural cuisine, also a part of Punjabi food arena.


  1. Sheepshead Fish- Fish, steamed in banana leaf pouches with mustard paste, subtle but spicy choice, for the wedding day.Consists of coconut, mustard seeds paste, mustard oil and spices — a staple Bengali food item.


  1. Kuzhambu – Famous in the South Indian region of India, mixed lentil gravy withvegetables. A humble dish, sure to impress your guests.


  1. Zafrani Pulao - This one is a renowned Hyderabadi dish; nothing can replace this ShahiPulav. Rice with a mix of milk, dry fruits, saffron and spices. A royal ending to an exciting food spread.


  1. Kadi– This dish is well received in many regions of India, particularly, Maharashtra, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Punjabi kadi from Punjab, sweet kadi from Gujarat or spicy kadi from Maharashtra, you have any which one for the menu. Best to go with the pulav.

These were some exclusive food preparations to have at a wedding. For more information please log on to bookmywedding.in.

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