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The Do’s and Don’ts of Finding the Perfect Wedding Cake

Posted By Sreeparna Mukharjee

Feb 1, 2020

Many people try their best to find the dream cake for their wedding, a few succeed.

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It is common knowledge that planning a wedding can prove to be a difficult task. There are many obstacles in the way of achieving a perfect wedding. You have to keep a lot of things in mind and ensure that everything goes as planned. But the biggest task of them all is finding the perfect wedding cake for your big day. You see, people can overlook a lot of things at a wedding. But the cake has to be phenomenal. You have to put your mind, heart, and your pocket to find the right cake for the special occasion. And that is not an easy task at all. Many people try their best to find the dream cake for their wedding, a few succeed. Here’s a list of what you need to keep in mind to be one of those few:


DO plan ahead
Always start looking for your dream cake 4-6 months before your wedding day.
Chances are that your wedding might fall during the busy season. This could mean a lot of business for the top bakeries, and your order will drown in a sea of millions of others.


DON’T spend without reason

Before you get into the tedious task of finding the best cake for your wedding, fix a budget. There are certain elements in a cake that need to be in the right proportion. You need to find a cake that is attractive and delicious. Split your budget between the two to find the best ingredients and décor alike.


DO go for a tasting

All the top bakeries invite clients to sample their prolific cakes. This could prove to be a fantastic opportunity for you to bond with bakers. This can provide you with a perspective and help you understand the abilities of your baker. You can ask questions related to your cake, take advice, and check their portfolios. Moreover, it is also as important to ensure that your baker is as excited about your big day as you are.


DON’T make hasty decisions

You should pick the style and theme of your cake after you have decided everything else. This is because the cake needs to jive with the theme of the wedding. So if you wish to have a cake that goes with your wedding, you need to plan your wedding first. Decide on the cake after you have made other decisions related to dress code and reception décor. These certain elements can act as a foundation for the style of your wedding cake. If you wish to make it perfect, choose a cake that is compatible with the theme of your wedding.


DO consider the atmosphere of the wedding:

If you are having an outdoor wedding party on a warm, sunny day, you might want to stay away from cakes that melt fast. It is best that you consider your options based on the probable weather on your wedding day. You can sidestep this detail by appointing a good baker who will pick the best option based on these factors


DO know the size of the cake:

Before you hand in the final order of the cake, you need to know how big it is supposed to be. For that, you will need to know how many guests you are inviting to the wedding party. Generally, a three-tier cake can accommodate 50 to 100 guests. You must also keep in mind the size of the venue. If the reception is in a spacious room, you can increase the grandeur of the cake without any restrictions.


DON’T pass up an opportunity to save:

Here’s how you can cut down on costs while buying a cake: 

If your budget is limited, order a small, but good-looking cake that can only feed a handful of people.

You can buy several sheet cakes of the same flavor to actually feed the invited guests.

Stay away from cakes with huge columns, tiers, and specially crafted shapes and structures.

  1. Use seasonal flowers and fruits to garnish your cake.
  3. DO consider the frosting:
  4. The frosting is an integral part of any cake. Butter-cream is a delicious option. To make it more appealing, you can even add a layer of fondant over butter-cream. Another rich option is ganache, which is a mixture of chocolate and cream. While choosing the frosting, you must also ensure that it goes with your wedding theme. Inform the baker about your plans and expectations from the cake and they’ll do the rest.
  6. DON’T try to make everyone happy:
  7. You cannot please everyone. That is the simple, hard truth. If you make it your goal to satisfy everyone in your life, you are going to fail. The same principle applies to your wedding cake. There might be people who prefer chocolate over butter-cream or the other way around. There might still be others who would opt for a chocolate fudge cake instead. The fact is, everyone will have a different definition of the perfect cake. And no matter how hard we try, we cannot find the one that is perfect for everyone it is easier to get a cake that you and your partner want for yourselves. It is your wedding, and ultimately your happiness that counts.
  9. DON’T sacrifice the taste:
  10. Nobody would say no to a decent looking, but delicious piece of cake. But people will gag if they eat a stale cake, even if it looks heavenly. There is no point to a beautiful cake if it does not taste right. For you, the main priority should always be to concentrate on the flavor first, and the structure later.


  12. DO ask the baker for his input:

  13. You might want your cake to be the way you like it, but don’t forget that your baker is a professional. You cannot compete with the amount of experience and skill they possess. They deliver beautiful and intricately carved cakes on a daily basis. Their input is valuable. More often than not, they will opt to remain quiet when you tell them about your plans out of respect. But if you ask, they will put in a suggestion here and there, free of charge. Their professional help can make your cake better in many different ways.


DO display your cake:

You have spent an enormous amount of money and effort into creating your wedding cake. You don’t want it lying around in some dark corner of your wedding reception. Your cake should be on display at the center before you cut it.

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