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Things to Know if your Wedding is during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Posted By Rachel Ann Rodrigues

Apr 15, 2020

The Indian wedding hosts close to 300-400 guests if not more. The virus spreads if a person encounters an infected person. Hence, social distancing, is he only effective way of containing the spread of this disease.

Image Source: Maryam Fahad Salon

For couples who have been planning their wedding for months now, the Coronavirus outbreak has come as a rude shock.  Novel Coronavirus or COVID 19 has brought the entire world to a standstill, and couples, who were planning to have a wedding during this period, are considering postponing and even cancelling the wedding until the situation seems conducive.

The traditional Indian wedding is nothing short of a festival and it hosts close to 300-400 guests if not more. The virus spreads if a person encounters an infected person or buy touching contaminated surface and when touching your face, nose, eyes or mouth. It is exceptionally risky to hold events with such large number of people, as it takes 3-14 days to show signs of coronavirus. Hence, social distancing, or social isolation is he only most effective way of containing the spread of this disease. If you are in the stages of wedding planning right now, you might want to consider how this pandemic might affect your big day.

Some clients, in view of the safety of their guests are avoiding having a wedding during the pandemic and postponing it to later date.  People who were planning to get married abroad, have decided to stay back in India. Only important rituals are being done with close family and friends.

Amidst all the chaos and confusion, people are taking all the required precautions such as staying at home, maintaining good hygiene and not attending events with crowds, unless absolutely necessary.

If you are planning the wedding in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, here are a few things you must know:

  1. Make sure the wedding venue, be it domestic or abroad has low incidence of infection. Risk assessment of the country needs to be ade before you decide to go ahead with the wedding. The countries that are badly affected are China, Japan, Britain, USA, Italy, Spain and Germany among many more.
  2. Cut down the guest list to as intimate as possible. You could live stream the wedding for those who cannot attend the wedding.
  3. Be prepared to be stressed: Planning a wedding is going to be even tougher than it is during the best situations. Various countries are imposing lockdowns and travel restrictions, so be prepared to face delays.
  4. In case, you choose to not go ahead with the wedding and delay it till later, inform your vendors and be honest with them. You could discuss with them when else the wedding be rescheduled instead of cancelling so that the deposits do not get wasted.
  5. Many factories, shops and businesses have temporarily closed their shutters, so you might not get any work done including decorations, wedding attire, catering and cards.
  6. Events should only be organised if proper guidelines to protect the vulnerable population are being followed.
  7. The travel industry has been badly hit, and people are not being allowed to leave and enter countries. Make an estimate of how many people on the guest list would have to travel to attend the wedding. At this time, many out-of-town guests will have to give your wedding a miss.
  8. This virus is said to affect the elderly population most adversely, as their immunity system is not strong enough to fight the virus. Elderly ad immunocompromised loved ones must consider staying home, as they are at highest risk.
  9. As soon as you decide to postpone the wedding, make sue you inform everyone who are tasked to make it happen. Not only vendors, but also even close friends and allies who are planning to come down for your wedding must be informed beforehand. They will not only understand your decision, but also provide guidance on what to do next.

Contegency plan for wedding during the coronavirus outbreak

Coming up with contingency plans is important if you want to go ahead with the wedding at all costs. These plans must depend on the severity of the outbreak, and the location of the wedding.

Plan A:

If you were anyway having an intimate ceremony with not more than 50 guests, then you could potentially move ahead with your plans. If your wedding is in 3-4 months, then this plan seems plausible.

Plan B:

If the guest list is over 50 people, asks guests if they will be making it or not. Adjust the numbers and the vendor requirements and invite only those who have confirmed, apart from family and close friends.

Plan C

Have a micro wedding ceremony, like a court marriage, and when the situation gets better have a bigger reception and invite everyone you want to.

Plan D

Postpone everything and be patient until you can have the wedding you envisioned, without making any compromises.


What are the repercussions of rescheduling or postponing the wedding?

The whole world is suffering from a major crises together, and most venues and vendors are becoming flexible. They are allowing couples to postpone weddings without charging a penalty. There are not obliged to do so, so you should be grateful if they are adjusting and accommodating for you.

You might want to review your contracts to check what happens to the deposits in case of postponement or cancellation. If you go ahead with postponing the date, check with the venue which other date is available. Once the venue and date is finalised, communicate with the other vendors and about their availability. Each business handles delays and detours in their own way.

Should you continue your wedding planning for 2021?

Yes, you must continue planning if you have scheduled the date for 2021. Go ahead and book the essential, high-ticket vendors in advance. Hold vendor hunting for decor and catering until later and do not forget to read and understand their cancellation and refund clause.  Start shopping as soon as lockdowns and economic restrictions are life. Take your time, research well, and make informed and practical decisions. Ensure you are taking all the steps essential to have a safe and happy wedding ceremony.

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