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Things You Need To Carry With You At Your Hubby’s House Post Your Marriage

Posted By Amita Shrivastava

Apr 3, 2020

When you get engaged  then the most important things come in to your mind is to move to your spouse house and when you move then you need a lot of preparation like what to carry and what do you need there. How do you impress with your things to your hubby and off course the family members.

And when you are planning for your wedding arrangement then don’t forget to make a list of all the things you will require at your hubby place. 

In case you are unable to figure out what to carry or not then don’t hassle, be with your wedding planning and check out the following things you need to carry after marriage while moving your hubby house



In Hindu marriages, sarees places a very important place. In all the rituals after your wedding, you need to wear sarees according to your customs. Well, don’t forget to carry some designer sarees in which you look gorgeous to impress your hubby.

You can also choose some traditional lightweight with embroidery work of chiffons and georgettes for performing rituals and also some smart and sexy looks sarees for a romantic dinner with your husband.

 Mix-Match blouses

It would be great for you if you can select one or two blouses which go for lots of sarees. Because after marriage you have received sarees through your hubby s relative and in case if you need to wear then you can fulfil your wish by the mix-match way. If you are carrying such types of blouses which go with n -number of sarees then your luggage bag will be so light to carry also.


After the wedding, wear designer suits and Kurtis which gives feels you a new bride. And after the wedding, lots of relatives from hubby's house also present so wear Kurtis with churidars and in which you feel comfortable while attending or meeting with all relatives.

 Honeymoon Dress

Don’t forget to pack your favourite western dress in which you look hot and sexy. Pack the dress according to the place of your honeymoon destination.


Hey, the most important part of clothes are lingerie, pack some lingerie with the  matching colour of your dress and take some hot and sexy lingerie to impress your hubby and might be on your first night. Select the lingerie with the best of your choice.



To look beautiful after your wedding, you need to carry all the necessary vanity item like Foundation, compact, primer, kohl pencil, mascara, blush, bronzer, lipstick, makeup brushes while moving to your hubby house and because a lot of rituals will perform & you have to go for candlelight dinner also in which you have to look beautiful at each moment.


 Beauty Products:

Hey , pack your beauty products also because after the wedding you don’t have enough time to go to the parlour. So, carry sunscreen, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, essential oils, foot cream, face packs, mask sheets, hand and body lotions etc. in a separate box.



While taking all the essential item, don’t miss to carry your all-time favourite perfume and pack a special fragrance perfume and use while roaming with your husband. And also pack -your deodorant if you can!


 Shoes and Slipper:

Pack a pair of footwear in which you are too comfortable in, take one pair of heels footwear for attending any wedding functions, one pair of the flat which goes with Kurtis and churidars and off course the slipper for your regular routine of work inside the hubby's house to work along.

Pack smart and comfortable shoes for your honeymoon in which you can feel comfortable while roaming in the city and which also goes with your dress. Select smartly one pair which goes with all your honeymoon dress and also light to your luggage.



Well, you have jewellery for your wedding day but you can’t wear the same jewellery after your wedding because it is too heavy to wear. Post-wedding ceremonies and for regular use -you need to make some jewellery in matching with your dress. Without proper jewellery, your dress will be incomplete. So, choose the jewellery so smartly which goes with lots of dress. Take some different types of long and short earrings, bangles, bracelet and necklace which suits your outfit.


Favourite item:

This is the last but might be too much touchy for you because a lot of memories attached to it. You can pack some special diaries, photographs or anything which you loves too much and want to carry always. And whenever you are feeling homesickness, it will help you settle down in your hubby home.

Before entering into your hubby house you can check all the basic things which help you to settle down.

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