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Tips that will help you to organize a perfect Menu for your Wedding

Posted By Amin Gani

Sep 17, 2019

Indian weddings are mostly known for their extravagant arrangements and lavish food.

Also, choosing the right kind of the main course, side dishes and desserts is not an easy task since there are numerous options available in each of the courses.

Therefore, you would like to select the wedding menu well in advance so that you do not miss out on something at the last moment.

Let us look at some of the tips that would help you while selecting a perfect wedding menu:

Create a bespoke menu

Most of the wedding venues these days do consider your suggestions while finalizing the menu.

Therefore, you can suggest some of the favorite dishes that are liked by everyone.

You can also discuss your requirements with the chef to verify whether he is comfortable to accommodate your suggestions or not.

After that, you can create a customized menu for your wedding.

Taste the dishes beforehand

The wedding chefs are mostly busy in the peak wedding season and therefore you can also ask them to give you a taste demo of some the dishes in advance.

You can convey your opinions to them beforehand so that they could adhere to your tasting preferences accordingly.

No need to accommodate everyone’s suggestions

Each guest can suggest some dishes for your wedding menu but you need not consider all of them.

However, if someone suggests a nice dish then you can think of including it in your wedding menu but before finalizing the dish do taste it once especially if you have not tried it before.

Also, many diet-conscious people will be attending your wedding.

Therefore, do not forget to keep a couple of dishes that are light on the stomach but there is no need to include all the low-calorie dishes as wedding menus are meant to be sumptuous and calorie-rich!

Convey your budget

While discussing the menu with your chef, you should convey your budget clearly so that there is no confusion afterward.

The chef will suggest you the dishes that are suitable according to your budget constraints and you can select from these dishes as per your convenience and taste preferences.

Seasonal dishes

Picking up seasonal dishes can be a good choice as they would not only be fresh but also convenient for the chefs.

For example, you can choose mint mojitos, ice teas, and such other light drinks in summer and creamy soups and hot beverages can be preferred if your wedding is scheduled in the winter.

These are the tips that you can follow while choosing a perfect wedding menu.

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