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Valentine Wedding Theme to make your Wedding Scintillating and Enjoyable

Posted By Sudhir Bhatt

Sep 21, 2019

Try our Valentine Wedding Theme Idea for the Budding Romance.

On 14th February love is everywhere around you, It is this time of the year when the adrenaline rushesto the maximum, and the young hearts start fluttering with mushy emotions – trying to express themselves fully.

The sweet airis full of romance, making the lovelorn couples drunk with love.

Everybody cherishes the feeling of having somebody special in their lives.

What better time for this expression than love?

However, if your wedding date is not scheduled in February, there is no cause to lose heart as you can always relive the experience creatively with the help of Valentine wedding theme.

This theme does not needsomethingunique and can be celebrated with just a little creativity and imagination. 

Colours and Shapes

Since the fact is that it is all about love, it should be expressed in everything you plan to decorate. 

The colour themeshould be red or pink. Fuchsia pink is an appropriate option, which matches with gold and silver.

For the seats and upholstery we suggest going for heart-shaped couches and cushions of rose petal shape.

For the flower decor, select red, pink and white roses. You can also display hanging thermocol hearts and cupids surrounding the wedding dias to set the ambience and emotions.

Dress and Food

The host and the hostess must be dressed in dresses, matching with the colour of the theme.

Also, the attendants should be given the cupid look along with bow and arrow.

For a warm, welcoming gesture, you may greet the guests with a red rose, chocolates and red wine.

To make a more royal look arrange for a chocolate fountain. Of all the things, the food should contain exciting dishes decorated with hearts and roses.

The table should be adorned with candles, flowers and symbols of love. 

Music and Stage

While everyone waiting to welcome the bride, romantic songs can be played to keep the party going with zeal.

Tell your DJ to play only romantic songs as selected by the young guests, also involving the other guests to give suggestions.

Arrange for a red carpet lined up with valentine décor laid for the bride to walk the stage.

The way should have road signs with arrows of red and the right text on it.

It could be like Meet Your Love / Valentine and other romantic messages.You may also decorate the stage with a love story feel.

The bride’s and groom’s dress must have a valentine look, design and colour; for more theme ideas and planning your marriage log on to bookmywedding.in.

You will also get some sources for décor and display items of flowers logon https://www.bookmywedding.in/Nagpur/Florist.

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