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Variations In Hindu Weddings Across India

Posted By Sudhir Bhatt

Sep 19, 2019

Weddings for Hindus are a set of complicated rituals done as per varying customs - region wise.

Each community has its aspect on the necessary Hindu wedding ceremony depending on their geographical location and cultural influences. 

While in individual sections, it is a simple but elegant process, in case of several others, weddings mean grandeur and pomp.

In North India the wedding rituals are generally referred to as ‘VivahSanskar’, but in most of South India it is known as ‘Kalyanam’.

Hindu weddings are primarily a set of rituals done in the presence of Agnidevthe Fire Deity or Agni being the primary witness.

It's with the accompaniment of Sanskrit Mantras, as pervarious rituals laid down thousands of years ago by sages in the Vedas.

Combined with these rituals are traditional customs like welcoming the “Baraat” and the groom, receiving of the guests and many other events which are fun for the celebration parts.

So, it becomes a massive affair of the combination of rituals, fun activities (Sangeet), customs and family traditions. It is a heady mix of this and still more, no doubt it is an event of a lifetime for the guests.

In some groups belonging to Kerala, Nairs’ weddings are matrilineal in place of patriarchal, which is the standard norm everywhere else mostly.

While almost all north Indian weddings are big on fun, frolic and colours, marriages in South India are seriously done.

The common theme of all different versions is the zest and celebrations, along with a leaning towards traditions.

Also, personal involvement of all the members of the extended family, acquaintances, neighbours and friends are mandatory in Indian Hindu weddings.

There are several typical pre-wedding, wedding day and post-wedding events and rituals which are commonly observed by all Hindus.

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We list a few of the everyday rituals here for the Vedic marriage rituals:

  1. The Seven Rounds around the sacred “Yagna Kunda”.
  2. The tying of Mangal Sutra – meaning a sacred thread as neck wear for the bride.
  3. The Sacred Vows – promises given by the bride and groom to each other.
  4. Kanyadaan – meaning handing over the daughter to the family of the in-laws.
  5. Hasta Melap ; meaning the joining of hands.

All the above elements are common to all Hindu weddings done with Vedic Rituals.

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