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Wedding FAQs During Corona Pandemic Outbreak

Posted By Jennie Kakkad

Apr 1, 2020

Image: Dulha & Dulhan 

Wedding is a beautiful day to celebrate and cherish. This is one day of our lives when we all see dreams of a beautiful tomorrow that start with the celebrative ceremony of wedding functions. However, during this time of corona outbreak the wedding celebration has become a curse.


At a time when the pandemic of corona is clutching the entire world in its grip, we all have to come together to win the battle by maintaining social distance. And when it comes to social distance then how a wedding be celebrated during this time and of course few more months that follow.


Does this mean you don’t have the right to celebrate your wedding? Does this mean you should get married to each other with just the bride and groom in the court room? Does this mean that your wedding day should not hold any memories, any photography, or any videography? Does this suggest that you won’t be able to invite guests and make your wedding a day to remember for everyone?  No, never!


You are special and you too have the right to celebrate your wedding like others do. You too have the right to make your special day a memory etched forever. So now, the question arises what to do if your wedding date falls during this lockdown period? What to do if the wedding date follows in the next few months that follow?


Here are few questions that we feel can come across by people who have their weddings during this challenging corona period. Through these questions and answers concerning tips for wedding planning in corona virus outbreak we have tried to extend our help to all those who are worrying to shift their wedding date and postpone the ceremony.


Question: I have my wedding scheduled on 10th May. Should I postpone it?

Answer: Of course you should postpone your wedding plan itineraries seeing the uncertainty of the situation.


Question: How can I postpone my wedding function?

Answer: The answer is simple. You can easily connect with the event organizers or your wedding planner and discuss your idea to postpone. The outbreak that has taken the world by storm will certainly make the planner understand about the situation and the process of postponing will become convenient without any extra charges or cancellations. However, this is based on the sole discretion of your wedding organizer.


Question: I have my wedding schedule in April end? Is it possible?

Answer: At a time when the ministers and government officials are focusing on social distancing, a wedding party becomes next to possible. Social distancing does not mean social disconnect and hence it is advisable that you stay in close contact with each other through various digital sources but re-schedule your wedding function to somewhere around July or August.


Question: My marriage function was scheduled during this lockdown? I postponed my wedding but did not receive any refund for the same.

Answer: Do have patience and trust that the wedding venue owner or your wedding planner will certainly pay back your advance without any second thought. All humans are here to help each other during this time of pandemic. However, the thought varies from person to person.


Question: How to ask my wedding photographer and wedding caters about the advance payment for me postponing my wedding?

Answer: Everyone is in a time of crisis and may not be able to return your advance payment. However, you can stay assured that your money is in safe hands with them for you to use the same wedding service providers later when you book your wedding venue.


Question: What would be the best extension period I should give to my wedding?

Ans: The situation is critical with no confirm time period of where corona will take us and for how long. Understanding the situation we would suggest you to extend the wedding for another six to seven months. Rest, stay home, stay safe, stay positive. Things will turn out fine soon.


Question: Dreaming about my marriage I fell stuck amidst this corona. What should I do?

Answer: Yes, we do agree that when dreams die hearts broke. And your dream date for your marriage is something more auspicious. When this dream comes to a halt with an uncertain future it does create anxiety. However, we would suggest you to use this time of lockdown for understanding each other more. Get to learn more about the positive and negative of each other while making yourself strong to accept both the goods and faults with all your heart. Try and build a relationship staying socially distant and emotionally closer in a way that you are able to create the pillar of your wedding life.


Question: What about the wedding preparations? How can I manage everything sitting at home?

Answer: Of course you can. All you have to do is trust a reputed wedding planner in India and then follow his suggestions, share your aspirations, and then fix the wedding venue, photographer, caterers, decoration, theme, and other essentials. You can leave the date as of now and fix the same later when things become to soothe down.


Question: What if this social distance that has come in picture because of corona creates a distance between me and my finance?

Answer: If this thing happens, trust the nuptial knot was not for you. Trust, you were not made for each other if any sort of social distance starts to create a difference between you both. Rather you should have a partner who can complement your existence.


Question: How can I plan for my wedding staying at home?

Answer: At home you are all free to let your mind and heart go wild on imaginations to make the special day and your relationship more surprising and exciting. You can start to build plans for the special day, you can start to create special handmade gifts for your partner with an added spark of love, you can start to pen down your thoughts for your partner on a daily basis when social distance has restricted you within your house. Think of innovation for your planning your wedding.


Question: What about my bridal lehanga and other wedding attires?

Answer: You have to considerate and take good precautions for storing your bridal lehanga and other wedding dresses with care and caution. Make sure you keep them safe in acceptable plastic wraps to keep it away from dust and moist.


Question: Sitting at home, how can I source the best wedding invitation card service provider?

Answer: You just need to connect with your wedding planner and the person shall be in the right position to help you with the most reputed and reliable service provider of wedding cards.


Question: Weddings dates have extended, dreams have come to a pause, life has come to a restricted boundary, what a wedding this can be?

Answer: Need to worry, rather think that this moment has given you ample time to introspect and position yourself in different situations when you venture into a new relationship with the proposed nuptial knot. If you are the future bride, think how best you can mold yourself to adjust to the new family rules and how strong you can stand with your new family members. If you are the future groom think how wisely you will support your partner and stand with her whatever be the circumstance. Introspect and you will come to a conclusion where you stand as of now and how far you have to travel to mold yourself after the wedding vows. The initial stage of the wedded life will become smoother and happier.


To conclude, these are just a few wedding FAQs that we could think about during this time of corona virus outbreak. In all possible ways we are just making the best possible efforts to help you ease your stress and anxiety levels so that you can make up your mind and heart to reschedule your wedding date with a view to celebrate the day with more pomp and show.


In addition to these questions, there would be more creating turbulence in your mind if your wedding date is just round the corner. Please feel free to ask us anything and we shall try our best to give a viable answer to your wedding query. All through this tough period we all are facing, our focus is to assist you with a thoughtful wedding planning during corona virus epidemic.

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