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Wedding Trousseau Packing Ideas During Lockdown

Posted By Jennie Kakkad

Jun 4, 2020

Wedding Trousseau – The Name Itself Has a Lot of Meaning and Aesthetics!

Yes, when you think of a wedding or bridal trousseau, the first thing that comes to mind is the beauty of gift wrapping that becomes an object of attraction for everyone including family, friends, relatives, and wedding guests. This also is a dream for every bride who has gathered all the essentials to give a new fresh start to her married life as she steps in a new house with new hopes and aspirations. Connecting the Indian tradition with this aspect of wedding planning, it displays a mystic move that beautifies this journey of life.


So, now the question arises what to do with the Wedding Trousseau Packing at this time of national lockdown in response to the outbreak of Coronavirus? The time is tough and the moments are challenging but we have the collaboratively fight the battle and there is no stepping back. Amidst the battle, the toughest time is for brides and groom to be who had their wedding dates schedules during this period or somewhere near to these dates. Lockdown has brought them emotionally down on their knees with a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty while inhibiting their aspirations of living a perfect wedding day. But is this possible amidst the lockdown? Can a perfect trousseau be created when the entire nation is under this lockdown?


My answer would be a complete yes. I do agree lockdown has restricted you within the confines on your own homes. But remember within your own homes, a place where you are most comfortable and happy. So rather than blaming the situation that has come into existence, without curbing the situation, without raising your voice against lockdown, why not you’re your mind to creativity and innovation especially the brides-to-be who are looking to have a perfect platter of the wedding trousseau packing.


If your wedding has been reschedules and is about to come on some approaching date, then why not use this lockdown period as an opportunity to create your own innovative and warm trousseau. Yes, rather than ordering a third party wedding trousseau service provider, you can be creative to pack your own set of trousseau. All you have to do is be creative and innovative and I am sure the true meaning of wedding trousseau will come into the picture with a perfect blend of beauty, aesthetics, and charm. And the best part is that you will be gift wrapping all bridal gifts and other gifts to be distributed amongst your wedding guests. So, when you yourself will deal with it, an extra spark of charm, warmth, and personal touch is sure to make the packing more sentimental, classy, and amazing.


Whether you are from the bride's side or the groom's side, gifts are gifts, try being creative with it during this lockdown. To help you, here are some of the wedding trousseau packing tips:


  • Use the waste papers at home to create magnificently carved boxes to pack wedding gifts and bridal accessories. Further, decorate the boxes with artificial flowers, color with paint, or use cut pieces of colorful papers that may be available at your place.
  • You all must be having perfumes at home. So, try creating small sachets of perfumes and add to all gift wrappings. This will add create a fragrance that beholds the power to stay as a lifetime memory.
  • Choose any theme or color combination to create baskets and vases at home using any waste materials like plastic bottles, ice cream sticks, broken cartons, and many more objects. You can decorate the same with mesmerizing ideas like painting, paper flowers, beads, ribbons, and buttons.
  • You can be creative and unique by designing the envelopes and cash boxes for the wedding with your personal touch.
  • Then you use the steel or plastic plates or trays at home to create a lavish wedding plate for displaying the wedding trousseau. You can adorn the same with pressed flowers, lace, ribbons, brooches, leaves, feathers, and jewel embellishments. 


Whatever you choose, whatever you design, what matters the most is a flawless color combination, a dynamic imagination, and a perfect arrangement of all chosen materials. And trust your creativity will become something to present with pride and honor. Your bridal trousseau is certain to have the power to create turning viewpoints. Do keep in mind, this is a time of physical lockdown; don’t make it a mental lockdown. Open the veils of your imagination and think about taking this as a golden opportunity to create the most attractive, emotional, and praiseworthy wedding trousseau.


So, get set begin. Here are just a few tips to help you but if you feel there is much more that you can do with trousseau packing, please do share your creativity with us. This way we can together help all the others aspiring a memorable wedding with ways to come out of the blue. Also, share your reviews and opinions and of course your theme of wedding trousseau packing if you have taken a tip from here.

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