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What to wear and not to wear in a bachelor party?

Posted By Amin Gani

Sep 3, 2019

Bachelor parties are not typically known for their dress codes as more focus is on making them lavish and memorable.

However, the ones participating in these parties must be careful while picking up a dress as there are different activities that they would need to indulge in a bachelor party. These are the precautions that you can take while picking up a bachelor party dress for yourself:

Dress to the Occasion

You cannot dress in shorts and t-shirts while the rest of the members would be dressed in three-piece suits. Similarly, if your friends have planned a visit to a strip club or bar afterward, it is better to be dressed in casual wear such as jeans and t-shirts so that you could feel comfortable all the way.

bachelor party outfit ideas


The dress can be chosen according to the activities that are planned during the bachelor party. For example, if a casual hangout is planned that consists of outdoor games like basketball then keeping an extra set of t-shirt and track pants could prove to be a good decision.

Follow the code

If the bachelor party dress code is already decided then it is better to follow that code instead of looking like a bear in the party of horses. Also, when you follow a dress code it is expected that you follow to some extent. Therefore, if your friends request you to wear a black dinner suit then you cannot wear a white summer suit. Also, it is not mandatory to follow the dress code entirely because it is not a casual office party. For example, you need not wear a tie if you do not feel comfortable after wearing it.

bachelor party outfit ideas


Comfort should be the priority especially because you want to enjoy the fun, laughter, and games of a bachelor party. Basically, you are planning to have a good time with your friends and therefore the priority should be having fun rather than trying to look the best by wearing tight pants or skin-fit jeans.


You must also wear the right accessories according to the bachelor party dress you choose. If you choose a formal dress then you can wear a leather belt along with formal shoes and a sneaker would prove to be a perfect fit for a casual outfit. Avoid wearing sport shoes or any other junky type of shoes because you must remember that it is not a college party. A cool hat or cap would make you stand out from the rest and it can also be used as a comic relief whenever the situation gets dramatic or boring at the party. 

These are the things that you can follow while dressing up for a bachelor’s party.

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